With summer in full swing, Bulldog Reporter was also in top gear, with some notable traffic driven by tactics-focused articles and byline contributions throughout the month of August. Topics of our most popular posts included driving PR strategy with social media, the ongoing success of direct mail marketing, tips for establishing brand longevity, content marketing in the metaverse, aligning PR and marketing with sales, and must-have visuals for your media kit.

Newsier posts also claimed ranking in the Top 10, including new Sword and the Script research on the shifting volume and variety of PR work, how brands are struggling to remain relevant to consumers, and a Q&A with the founder of PRGN on the org’s 30th anniversary. In case you missed a few of these, we have them bundled here for your convenience. Enjoy the last days of summer!

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9 social media trends to improve your PR strategy in 2022 and beyond

Brands need to understand post-pandemic trends to meet their audiences where they are. And when marketers meet expectations on social media, the positive effects are felt throughout the company.

New PR industry research finds the volume and variety of comms work is shifting

As the PR industry expands its utility and integrated capacities, the volume of comms work has grown and changed. The type of work has also changed with 90 percent reporting it’s changed at least some. A must-see report.

The power of direct mail: Most consumers read mail from brands—and many take action

New research finds that over 85% of consumers regularly read direct mail received from brands either immediately, on the same day, or at a later time—with 62% reporting a direct mailpiece has inspired action.

Tips for establishing brand longevity in a modern landscape

Today’s consumers don’t think or behave like they used to. Adapting to these changes can be a challenge if brands simultaneously want to stay true to their history and core audience, while also evolving.

Content marketing in the metaverse: How does it work?

How does content marketing in a virtual environment differ from content marketing in web 2.0? This is an exciting question to address and one that every business should be asking itself.

How to align marketing and PR with your sales team

When you take the time to align your marketing and PR with your sales team, you’ll have a more coordinated effort that is better equipped to handle your customers’ needs. Here’s how to do it.

Elevating your social media game to increase brand awareness

To get the most out of social media, you have to intentionally elevate your game every few weeks (if not days) to account for changing trends and cultural events that can increase brand awareness.

PRGN celebrates its 30th anniversary: A Q&A with the founders

The Public Relations Global Network recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Bulldog Reporter had an opportunity to speak with the three founding members of PRGN, as well as its current president.

Media kit essentials: Must-have visual assets

Companies have media kits to provide a quick snapshot of their brand to clients, journalists, other brands, influencers, and media companies—so it needs top-quality content. Top tips here.

Crisis of relevance: Most companies are struggling to be relevant to their customers

New research from Accenture reveals that the vast majority (88 percent) of executives believe that customers and employees are changing faster than they can change their businesses, which is leading to a crisis of relevance.