Summer is off to a great start for the Bulldog website, with a lot of our posts last month generating some heat with busy traffic and high readership. Some of the under-the-radar topics we tackled in June include using sensory marketing to appeal to all five senses, why journalists are sensing increasing turmoil in the media industry, the automated future of content marketing, and a new Fleishman study examining the move from cancel culture to cohesion culture.

More tried-and-true topics also garnered a lot of interest, with posts addressing global PR trends to watch in the back half of the year, how comms pros are using social listening, crucial metrics for measuring your content marketing campaigns, effective email copywriting tips, and marketing tips for your next product launch. In case you missed a few of these, here are Top 10 posts for your enjoyment.

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5 PR trends to watch throughout 2022, according to global PR experts

A recent survey revealed that 3 in 4 PR pros don’t believe the term “public relations” will describe the work that needs to be done in 5 years, suggesting the industry’s continuous transformation.

How PR professionals can use social listening to improve their communication

Every PR pro should aim to gather an in-depth understanding of how they can approach their audience. Here’s how PR pros can use social listening to improve their communication with clients.

What is sensory marketing? How to practice the art of appealing to all 5 senses

Today’s technology means that marketing is more advanced than ever. Traditional tried-and-tested strategies aren’t enough. Brands need to activate all five senses to be noticed by consumers.

5 crucial metrics to measure your content marketing campaign

There’s nothing like working hard on a content marketing campaign only to be rewarded with a low ROI. Here are three ways to get better results when tracking metrics—and which metrics to watch. 

Consumers’ new digital behaviors will outlive the pandemic: How data drives next-gen CX

During the height of the pandemic, e-commerce sales grew by 50.5 percent. The explosion of online customer interactions during the pandemic are expected to continue growing at a rapid pace, post-pandemic.

4 email copywriting tips your recipients will love

Email copywriting can be pretty confusing for marketers since convincing prospects and inspiring them to follow the action you want can seem next to impossible. Here’s how to have great results.

5 marketing tips that will ensure your next product launch is a success

A successful product launch requires a well-executed marketing strategy that starts long before the product is launched. Here are five expert product marketing tips for small businesses to consider. 

New study: Journalists sense turmoil in their industry amid continued passion for their work

New Pew Center research identifies several areas of concern for journalists, including the future of press freedom, widespread misinformation, and politically like-minded people getting news from the same sources.

Is AI the future of content marketing? An analysis of what AI can and can’t do

Is AI the future of content marketing? In this post, we explore this question and take a look at what AI can do for you and how it can help your business grow—as well as where it falls short. 

Moving from cancel culture to cohesion culture: New Fleishman study uncovers importance of togetherness

Consumers are demanding that brands prioritize togetherness in what they say and do, or they will take their business elsewhere—and many feel the way brands market themselves actively contributes to social division.