It’s been a long two years for the travel and tourism industry. In 2019, the travel and tourism sector contributed 10.3% to global GDP. In 2020, it was 5.3%. While that increased to 6.1% in 2021, international travel was still 72% below 2019 levels according to the World Tourism Organization (though it did increase in the latter half of the year). 

International travel has certainly picked up this year, and while people are eager to be out and about again there appears to be a new travel deterrent: skyrocketing transportation and accommodation prices. And yet… even with gas at record highs and hotel rates up by 42% and airfares by 6% over last year, forecasters were predicting that the number of Memorial Day weekend travelers would match or even exceed pre-pandemic levels. 

The Media Insights Group at Agility PR Solutions wanted to see how the travel and tourism industry in the U.S. fared during Memorial Day weekend and analyzed over 21,000 media mentions to uncover the answers. See the infographic below for their findings.  

Travel and tourism industry over Memorial Day weekend infographic

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