As the winter snow piled up, our crew at Bulldog Reporter piled up a nice collection of high-traffic posts in February, tackling a range of PR issues and insights. Last month’s annals addressed ever-trending industry topics such as redefining the press release, avoiding crisis-management mistakes, the importance of influencer marketing, how to leverage paid media opportunities, and navigating the metaverse as a PR pro.

Some more timely topics tackled include the need-to-know PR trends of 2022, the impact of COVID on women working in communications, and some helpful PR award-winning tips from the characters of “Parks & Recreation” (why it’s timely: the 2022 Bulldog PR Awards are now open!)

In case you missed a few of these, we have bundled them here for your convenient perusal. Enjoy!

ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 most popular posts in February

The traditional press release isn’t enough: Why businesses must embrace standalone multimedia

In a media distribution environment increasingly dominated by video, images, and audio, the practice of sending text-heavy press releases remains entrenched in the past. Important insights here.

PR predictions: Breaking down the need-to-know trends of 2022—what the experts say

This rousing panel discussion covered a variety of important topics, including trust in media and brands, the Metaverse, writing skills, PR operating in silos, and many more. Here are some of the key learnings gleaned from the event.

5 PR crisis management mistakes you should avoid

No company is invulnerable to a PR crisis. Here are the most prominent mistakes to avoid, potentially saving your brand from losing lots of money, staff members and keeping your reputation intact.

How to win a PR industry award, according to the Pawnee Parks Department 

It’s time to submit a nomination for a PR industry award and win yourself, your brand, or your agency some acclaim and recognition. The Parks Department of the great city of Pawnee is here to help.

5 reasons why influencer marketing is vital for PR strategy

In this day and age of social media dominance, influencer marketing should never be dismissed. Are you still of two minds when it comes to influencer marketing for your PR strategy? Let us convince you.

Women working in communications are twice as likely to have lost their jobs during pandemic

Women in the communications industry were twice as likely as the general population to have lost their jobs, gotten furloughed or suffered a pay reduction during the pandemic, new industry research reveals. Check out the findings.

4 ways to leverage paid media opportunities to position your brand

Instead of turning down paid media opportunities that come from your earned media outreach, why not evaluate the opportunities and find ways to use it to communicate your brands key messages. Here are some ways to do it.

From Boomers to Gen Z, all generations agree: A negative customer experience is worse than a bad product

The top reason Americans of all ages would speak poorly about a brand is a negative customer experience, not a poor experience with a product, according to this new research—further fueling the fire that experience matters most.

3 tips for navigating the metaverse as a PR professional

On the back of Facebook’s Meta rebrand, 2022 could bring something new to the PR table. Enter the metaverse, the new future of immersive marketing—and a new rule book for PR promotion.

13 winning PR tips for new entrepreneurs

The world of business is full of opportunities. But as with anything, it’s essential to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Here are thirteen PR tips to help entrepreneurs get started on the right foot.