Email delivery engine changes

Full explanation of the changes

With our new mailing system, we will be following the emailing standard of sending emails on behalf of our clients. This is required for two main reasons: to maintain compliance to anti-spamming laws and to follow best practices expected by email clients.

For years, spammers would spoof email headers to say that mail was being sent from one address when it was really coming from another. This is why modern day firewalls and email clients filter emails that look to be sent from one domain but list something else in the “from” email address as spam, and can result in your distribution not arriving in the expected inbox.

By implementing the technique of sending your email on behalf of you, the email which is coming from our server will now look like it is coming from us, as far as an email client or firewall is concerned, which it rightfully is. In order to achieve this, all emails will show as being sent from the address delivery@agilitypr.com, but will identify the name of the user sending the email in the from name .

Since the email is coming from an Agility PR Solutions server and the from email address is an Agility PR Solutions email, firewalls and email clients won’t flag the email as spam and your distribution will end up in the expected inboxes. We set the reply-to email address to the one you specify as the reply-to email address in the Agility distribution tool, so when a recipient replies to the email, it will automatically go to that email address; in this case Mike Smith’s email address.