How To Write a Press Release for Any Occasion (with templates and examples)

Press release (noun): A news release is a written statement about a matter of public interest which is given to the press by an organization concerned with the matter.

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Ahh the press release. Perhaps one of the industry’s most iconic tools. For over 100 years, the press release has been used by public relations professionals to provide accurate, from-the-source, noteworthy information to the media and public. And while the method of distribution may have changed over the years, the bones of the humble press release have remained remarkably consistent.

A brief recap…

For the uninitiated, the textbook definition of a press release (aka news release, media release, press statement etc.) looks like this:

Press release (noun): A news release is a written statement about a matter of public interest which is given to the press by an organization concerned with the matter.

Ironically, the broad nature of this definition can sometimes lead to confusion (and it should be noted that not all press releases are “written statements”, video press releases exist as well). To bring the textbook definition down to earth a little bit, a press release is:

  • An official statement prepared by an organization;
  • Sent to the media with the goal of convincing journalists to publish a story based on the information in the release;
  • A message meant to be shared widely with stakeholders and the public;

And why has this particular PR tool withstood the test of time? Because despite its basic nature, press releases continue to give PR practitioners the opportunity to:

  • Tell the story their way;
  • Present the facts;
  • Distribute news quickly and cost-effectively;
  • Secure media coverage and publicity;
  • Expose the brand and message to a wider audience;

All using one piece of content.

So how does it all work?

Press Release Lifecycle

For a press release to do its job, it will typically go through the following stages:


Fairly self-explanatory, writing the press release is step #1. Download our Anatomy of a Press Release Guide and Template to learn exactly how to write an amazing press release, including;

  • Detailed breakdown of press release components
  • Basic press release layout
  • Tips and tricks on writing an effective press release
  • A press release template worksheet – Simply plug your information into this pre-formatted, customizable template and voila! Instant press release.


Once the press release is written, it needs to be distributed. This can be done in multiple ways.

1) Targeted Media Pitches

  • Send the press release to targeted journalists along with a personalized pitch to encourage them to read the release and turn the information into a published news story. This can be done by researching contacts individually, or with the help of a media database.

2) Wire Services

  • News wire services distribute their clients’ press releases to a large, broad network of journalists. Similar to a job board, the wire provides a platform where press releases can be posted and then found by any journalist checking the wire that day for a story idea.

3) Social Media and Owned Channels

  • Organizations will often also post their press releases on social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) and send them to their internal distribution lists (i.e. email newsletters).

Depending on your goals, you can use any combination of these distribution methods. Whatever you choose, once your release is out here, it’ll be up to you to do any necessary follow-up with the media. Ideally, you’ll be busy responding to journalist requests, or eagerly engaging in some media monitoring to track the coverage your release scores!


Once the press release is distributed, it is usually given a permanent place to “live” online where it can be accessed in the future by journalists, stakeholders, or anybody else looking for information. Many organizations have a “Media” or “News” section of their website where all their releases are posted. If a company wants to support their distribution and SEO efforts, or they don’t have the resources to post to their own website, they may also decide to post their release to an external newsroom.

newsroom example

Agility PR Solutions’ newsroom.


Types of Press Releases

Now that we’ve covered the basic logistics of a press release, you may be wondering: when should I write and share a press release?

Organizations can use press releases to communicate all kinds of messages, but generally, they’ll fall into one of several categories. Browse through this section to get a feel for some of the most common press releases, along with specific examples to get familiar with the content and style of each. Then, download our Anatomy of a Press Release Guide and Template to create your own.

Breaking News

This is anything the organization wants (or needs) to formally announce to the public. Whether it’s news that will boost their brand reputation, provide practical information to stakeholders, or introduce the public to a new initiative, these press releases provide all the basic information needed to help journalists break the story and keep organizations transparent.

Canada legalizes cannabis – Government of Canada, 2018

Lancaster University helps students with albinism in Tanzania – Lancaster University, 2018

Crisis Communications

When a crisis strikes, it’s important to be open, honest, and ahead of the story. Organizations can use press releases as part of a crisis management strategy to clarify the facts, apologize, and/or emphasize the actions they have taken in the aftermath. Many organizations will also issue a statement to support these efforts.

A statement is not the same thing as a press release. Statements are reactionary, immediate, and do not follow a particular format. Think of a quick “We know this happened, we are sorry, we are working on it” from a company’s CEO. Many companies will use a two-pronged approach by issuing a statement to apologize and address the situation immediately, followed by a press release to focus entirely on how the company is moving forward. (See the Starbucks example, issued after this incident).

Starbucks closes all stores for racial bias training – Starbucks, 2018

Equifax cyber security breach – Equifax, 2017

Product Launch

An organization has been hard at work and excited to share its efforts! Particularly common in the tech and auto industry to announce new gadgets and models, press releases used to announce a new product are used across industries for all kinds of new offerings.

You.i TV announces You.i Engine One v5.0 – You.i TV, 2018

Cresset releases Flare application – Cresset Software, 2017


While most journalists receive the heads-up about events from media advisories (sent prior to an event as a sort of invitation, with only the most basic details), press releases are also used to provide event highlights to journalists who may not be able to attend, and to provide supporting info to those who do. Event press releases can be released before, after, or the day-of an event.

TIFF World Premier of Xavier Dolan film – Toronto International Film Festival, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engaged to be Married – The Royal Family of the United Kingdom, 2017


Partnerships are a popular way for organizations to boost their corporate social responsibility (CSR), create unique offerings, and generate mutually beneficial buzz for all the parties involved. Known as joint press releases, organizations will work together to create a single press release, including information and branding from all participating groups.

AP and Red Bull Collaboration – The Associated Press, Red Bull Media House, 2017

Vans Partnership with Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation – Vans, Positive Vibe Warriors, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility

Along similar lines to publicizing partnerships, organizations are often eager to formally announce charitable giving or other CSR initiatives. These press releases aim to have stories published that will garner good will and demonstrate CSR.

Microsoft Commits $500 Million to Tackle Affordable Housing – Microsoft, 2019

Irving Oil supports Dalhousie University – Irving Oil, 2017


Award recognition and accolades give organizations an excuse to flaunt their stuff and share their successes with the world. Whether they are trying to attract talent, customers, or simply bolster their brand and reputation, organizations will often use a press release to help spread the good news.

Bulldog PR Award Winners Announced – Agility PR Solutions, 2018

Egg Farmers of Canada named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures – Egg Farmers of Canada, 2017


Whether they’re released by research institutions (i.e. universities, research foundations etc.) or brands who simply got curious and took it upon themselves to look into things, releasing interesting research is a great way to cultivate brand interest, drive action, and position an organization as a thought leader.

IPCC reports global warming findings – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2018

New Study: Wild Tiger Populations Could Triple – World Wildlife Federation, 2018

New Hires

When companies make an important senior management change, they’ll often leverage their new hires as a marketing tool. An organization’s senior management is often tied closely with its brand, and new blood or even a shakeup, can bring with it opportunities for publicity, brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and more.

Agility PR Solutions Expands Workforce – Agility PR Solutions, 2018

Dhivya Suryadevara is GM’s new CFO – General Motors Co., 2018


To make a formal declaration and to help customers and stakeholders make the transition, organizations will often issue a press release when they are undergoing a visual re-branding. This allows them to prepare audiences and let them know what to look for moving forward.

New chapter for Canadian Blood Services – Canadian Blood Services, 2018

Dropbox unveils colourful new look – Dropbox, 2017

Go forth and distribute!

And there you have it! Along with our Anatomy of a Press Release Guide and Template, you should have everything you need to write your own press release and start chasing some well-deserved publicity.

Need some more help? Agility PR Solutions offers many tools to help you make the most of your press release including a media database to tailor pitches and do specific outreach, a newsroom to help boost your SEO efforts and give your release a place to live, a built-in news wire service for broader distribution, and media monitoring solutions for you to track your coverage. Let us show you!


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