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Reliance on news releases has increased during the COVID-19 crisis

Agility PR Solutions analyzed client use of its distribution services, which include direct targeting emails and newswire releases, to build a special report on news release usage. Report findings include:

  • A 30 percent increase in news releases sent by clients per working day
  • A 60 percent increase in the outreach targeted to journalists
  • Industries that sent the highest percentage of COVID-19 related news releases were healthcare and pharmaceuticals, government and government agencies, and education

Download the special report for discoveries around news release usage, best practices for writing a press release, and tips on what’s capturing media attention during the current pandemic.


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Bonus: Learn how to write an impossible-to-ignore news release

The special report also includes insights into:

  •  Research results detailing the best practices of PR practitioners and consultants
  • How to make the most of the news release and PR tools at your disposal
  • Pro tips on the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE of sending news releases, and WHY it matters

As a former reporter, I can say with certainty that journalists still pay attention to press releases and find them a useful tool to stay informed about the companies and industries they cover.

–  Brandon Glenn, Former Editor, Medical Economics