Communications lifecycle

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As the media landscape expands, it's becoming harder to get your story noticed but the pressure to show results is stronger than ever.

Trust Agility PR Solutions to help you reach influential media, amplify messages, monitor coverage, and measure results.

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Find influencers

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Pinpoint key contacts and influential experts from Agility PR Solutions' global database of almost 800,000 verified contacts in over 200 countries.

Our research team makes over 2 million updates every year so you won’t waste time with undeliverable emails or following up with journalists who’ve changed jobs.

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Amplify messages

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Distribute personalized content to influencer lists right from the Agility console. Track opens and clicks to prioritize who to follow up with.

Our intuitive, cloud-based console makes it simple to streamline outreach and add multimedia to enhance your press releases.

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Monitor coverage

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Understand what is being said about your business, competitors and track brand sentiment across traditional and online media with self-service or curated monitoring services.

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Measure impact

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Report on trends, media mix, share of voice and sentiment across traditional and online media. Advanced analytics and custom research. Leverage our media intelligence team.

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