AppDirect, NGINX and Sift Science Name PAN Communications AOR, Expanding Firm’s San Francisco Presence

by | Jul 16, 2018

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands, announced the firm will be the agency of record for three major tech brands on the West Coast: AppDirect, a leader in cloud service commerce; NGINX, the company behind the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites; and Sift Science, aprovider of fraud prevention and risk management solutions using real-time machine learning (ML). This announcement comes on the heels of PAN’s recognition as Technology Agency of the Year and showcases the continued growth of the firm’s technology portfolio in one of the hottest tech scenes on the market.

“In our search for a PR agency, it was critical that the team we chose had the experience and backbone to keep up with Sift’s building momentum,” said Bret Blount, director of communications at Sift Science. “PAN is the real deal—with its deep roots in B2B tech PR and an award-winning agency culture, we knew from the very beginning that this was a perfect match. PAN meshed seamlessly with our highly collaborative working style, and the team continues to bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table that garner coverage in top-tier business press and strengthen our approach to analyst relations.”

Just over a year ago, two strategic hires in the San Francisco office set the stage to increase PAN’s West Coast presence. Both Phil Carpenter, executive vice president and managing director, and Jennifer Malleo, vice president & co-lead, San Francisco, have played critical roles in developing PAN’s brand regionally as a leading integrated marketing and PR firm in the San Francisco tech and healthcare spaces and an employer of choice for top Bay Area talent. Recently joined by Vice President & Co-Lead Catherine Doyle, these timely hires and the firm’s continued growth are key steps toward what PAN’s President and CEO, Philip A. Nardone Jr., has in store for the firm during its next phase of growth. It is through this effort and partnerships like AppDirect, NGINX and Sift Science that PAN has become recognized as a go-to firm in the Bay Area.

“Since joining PAN last March, I have been eager to help grow our brand and build a name for PAN on both a local and national scale,” said Malleo. “Our presence has increased tremendously over the past twelve months, and that success is due to strong partnerships from these innovative, emerging brands.”

“It was imperative for us to find an agency that not only understood our technology but knew where our narrative fit within the broader digital ecosystem,” said Linda Walsh, director of communications at AppDirect. “PAN has proven adept at just that. Not only does the team provide sound strategy and counsel, but they offer a level of personalized, high-touch service on everything from media relations to large-scale events that’s become invaluable to us.”

PAN builds its integrated marketing and PR strategies around a single truth: To increase engagement and awareness, brands must recognize patterns along the customer journey, allowing them to focus on personalizing the brand experience and aligning to specific behaviors that drive purpose, whether through earned, owned or shared channels. PAN Communications’ Bay Area office specializes in working with early- to late-stage private companies to build awareness and market presence for some of the world’s leading B2B brands.

“We’re an innovative, tenacious company with strong open source roots, and we’ve been achieving 100 percent year-over-year growth for four straight years, while retaining our people-first culture. It was important for us to find the right agency to collaborate with for the next stage of our growth who had a bold vision and similar values,” said Jesica Church, head of brand and marketing communications at NGINX. “During our search, the PAN team’s creativity and enthusiasm made them stand out from the rest. They not only had the deep B2B experience and collective smarts we were looking for, but also a compatible culture that made them a natural extension of our global marketing team.”

This release also appeared on the PAN Communications website. Click here to view.

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