Creative Writing Service Provider Comedywire Announces Rebranding to Write Label

by | Jul 12, 2019

Comedywire, a leading provider of crowdsourced creative writing content, announced the rebranding and global expansion of its enterprise business to be called Write Label. Following several years of working with leading media companies and creative services agencies, the new name reflects the evolution of the brand from its launch as a comedy writing platform to a full-service creative writing enterprise solution. Comedywire will continue to serve as a forum for comedy writers under the Write Label umbrella, where they can share humorous and entertaining content within the online community.

The Write Label name plays on the concept of white label services, and positions the company as the solution for creative writing needs, providing customers with quick access to high quality custom content. Clients run the spectrum from media properties that use custom ad scripts to accelerate revenue, to advertising agencies in search of fresh ideas to greeting card companies looking to crowdsource creative verse. Successful partnerships have included iHeartMedia, NBC Universal, Spectrum, Nexstar, American Greetings and ShopRite.

The process is fast, efficient and completely customized. Clients provide information through an online creative brief and in just minutes, they begin receiving ideas, pick their favorites and provide feedback. The platform is powered by creative people, but it also harnesses data by vetting every writer and piece of content using machine learning to determine the best work for every project, giving clients instant insight into idea performance. In addition to providing service through its own website, Write Label has developed a set of APIs that can be plugged into their clients’ self-service ad platforms to seamlessly integrate the missing link for most of these programs—creative content.

“Write Label is focused on delivering excellent customized writing that our clients can claim as their own,” said Gideon Stein, CEO, Write Label. “Our platform is built on the creative power of talented people and delivers success stories for our clients—whether that is accelerated sales growth achieved through a great ad campaign or clever and engaging social media.”

Since its launch in 2015, the company has built a strong community of talented writers, comprising a platform of more than 10,000 people creating over 3,000,000 pieces of content. The hand-picked contributors offer a crowdsourcing option with professional results and includes writers from The Tonight Show, The Late Show, Seinfeld and Comedy Central as well as thousands of extraordinarily talented creative and copy writers.

“It is so rewarding to have a resource that is such an asset to our creative and marketing teams. Everyone is energized by the possibilities that Write Label offers,” said Karen Gozzi, Vice President of Social Media, Digital Advertising, Content Creation, Wakefern / ShopRite. “This new branding reflects the company’s full spectrum of services and makes perfect sense as they continue to expand their business.”

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