Italy’s Reschio Estate Appoints Weill for PR

by | Dec 20, 2022

Italy’s Reschio Estate has appointed Geoffrey Weill Associates to handle its public relations in North America. The immense 3,700-acre sprawl is situated where Tuscany meets Umbria, three hours from Rome. Masterminded by Count Benedikt and Donna Nencia Bolza, Reschio is a fantasy world of history, stunning architecture, breathtaking design, thoughtful ecology and exquisite cuisine. At its heart is the 36-suite Hotel Castello di Reschio, painstakingly created within the walls of an 11th-century hilltop citadel.

It’s not just the hotel’s antiques and paintings. It’s the carefully thought-out mélange of architectural and design details, from the most artfully imagined faucet, to the velvet-lined boxes where plugs and phone cords are secreted, to the scarlet “C di R” cross-stitched on the bed linen, to the open fireplaces and array of antiques, to the Bolza-designed furniture forged and hewn by local artisans. The hotel features a restaurant whose terrace offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills. Guests sip local wines in the Palm Court as they listen to a jazz pianist. A dip in the heated waters of the a customized spa treatment followed medieval, candlelit Bath House pool. The outdoor infinity pool offers secluded seating areas. But at Reschio, the hotel is just the start.

“On my first visit to Reschio, I was overwhelmed to a point of breathlessness,” says Geoffrey Weill; “I’ve been to a few gorgeous places in my time, but as the layers of this place are unpeeled, you become truly staggered by its vision and its beauty.”

The other “heart” of Reschio is the ‘Tabaccaia,’ where teams of designers (Benedikt Bolza is a trained architect), draftspeople, and sales and marketing experts work in a breathtakingly repurposed tobacco factory built in 1950. When the penniless Count Antonio Bolza (Benedikt’s father) fled his native Hungary in 1946, he arrived in London and then continued on to Umbria, where starting in 1984, he acquired the Reschio estate hectare by hectare. Littered by ruins of centuries-old farmhouses, it takes about two years for Reschio’s team to work with buyers to rebuild each property to create the interior of their dream country home, and to landscape its surrounding gardens and pools. The villas may be rented as part of the Hotel Castello di Reschio experience.

A further element of the estate is the Equestrian Centre where more than a dozen Spanish purebreds preen in splendor. In between natural woods and lakes, the manicured grounds of Reschio are littered with expertly floodlit marble, copper and iron statues by Nic Fiddian-Green. The Ristorante Alle Scuderie and terrace lead to Reschio’s cooking school, exhibit spaces and wine cellars. The massive estate is home to fleets of deer, wild boar, hare and birds. Hunting is strictly forbidden at Reschio: instead, guests of all ages forage the woods with the culinary team.

“We are thrilled to have been appointed by the Reschio Estate,” Weill added, “and are excited to share this gem with the media and U.S. traveling public.”

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