Marketing with a Manifesto: New Integrated Firm Tuesday Media Launches

by | Feb 21, 2018

This week sees the launch of Tuesday Media, an integrated digital marketing and PR agency that looks to super-charge inbound marketing and promote the power of storytelling.

Founded by experienced marketer, Sophie Wilson, Tuesday Media comes with a manifesto and a mission: to tell stories, and tell them well. Every human story is unique, nobody can copy it. Tuesday Media wants to help businesses craft these stories and make sure that they are heard.

The agency presents a visionary new model that’s lean, mean and flexible, with a manifesto that places authenticity and creative storytelling at its core. Remote working and online tools are key to its internal and external communication, ensuring that the agency provides the services of the best talent across the country. This new ‘virtual networks’ model is shaking up the traditional agency structure, providing the highest quality work without it coming at the expense of clients.

By injecting disciplines that have traditionally been kept apart, Tuesday Media combines unique skill-sets to bring these stories to life. Tuesday Media offers PR, journalism, conceptual advertising, art direction and design; with top digital marketing expertise, SEO and data analytics, to work together to provide clients with an intelligent inbound marketing strategy.

Wilson has significant experience on both agency and client side, and knows that working flexibly shouldn’t come at the price of transparency and real, measurable results. For Tuesday Media, authenticity comes first, meaning that good practice in time-measuring for accountability and transparency is fundamental to the agency’s work.

As well as providing a high-end, streamlined service for clients, the agency also seeks to drive a future-proof brand of employees. The reworked agency structure encourages the honesty and integrity of the individual. Those employed by Tuesday Media are instructed to “have a life” and explore and enjoy their passions and interests, as it is these factors that create the kind of well-rounded and interesting person that can dream, plot and execute the highest quality campaign.

“The question of KPIs now has an answer, and a manifesto,” says Wilson. “From the idea for a creative communications agency that tells stories being born in the back of a TukTuk in Cambodia, I’m pleased to say that we have finally arrived. Streamlined story-telling and real people combined with impressive, tightly measured results is the future of agency life and that’s what Tuesday Media can offer to clients and as a workplace.”

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