Matter’s Open Door Presents: Messaging Purpose

by | Jul 22, 2021

Matter Communications, a Brand Elevation Agency specializing in PR, creative services, digital marketing and strategy, announces its next live Open Door webinar, “Messaging Purpose — How To Communicate Mission, Vision, CSR and ESG Initiatives.” This free webinar is the fourth installment in a series of informative, virtual sessions aimed at educating entrepreneurs, business leaders, and marketing and communications managers about evolving public relations strategies and tactics required to drive results for their brands. The event will be streamed live on July 28th at noon ET from Matter’s in-house video production studio.

Matter Group Director Vanessa Boynton Taylor and Account Director and former journalist Claire Papanastasiou will discuss the nuances of communicating a brand’s purpose and values in an age when a company’s ideals have never been more important. Viewers will learn about media and stakeholder expectations, tone and timing so brands can tell their own stories responsibly.

“Mission and vision-driven communications are uniquely challenging to brands, no matter their size or years in operation,” said Vanessa Boynton Taylor, Group Director at Matter. “While it is necessary to keep employees, partners, customers and the broader public informed about the values and initiatives that are core to your business, those messages must be delivered with modesty, sincerity and significant social awareness. It’s a hard nut to crack! Our session will shine a light on some critical best practices.”

The Open Door program has hosted three recent webinars – available on demand – covering topics including:

  1. PR in the New Normal – How Communications Have Evolved in Times of Great Change
  2. PR for Start-ups – How to Secure Coverage as You Scale
  3. The Art of Thought Leadership – How to Create and Pitch Your Brand’s POV

Upcoming sessions, including next week’s event, will cover:

  1. 7/28/2021: Messaging Purpose – How to Communicate Mission, Vision, CSR & ESG Initiatives
  2. 8/25/2021: PR 101 for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (A/E/C)

About Matter Communications

Matter is a Brand Elevation Agency unifying PR, creative services, digital marketing and strategy into content-rich communications campaigns that inspire action and build value. Founded in 2003, with offices across North America, Matter works with the world’s most innovative companies across healthcare, high-technology, consumer technology, professional services and consumer markets. For more information, visit https://www.matternow.com.

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