McGrath/Power Selected by The Handpicked Company to Lead Branding, Marketing and Communications

by | Mar 13, 2018

McGrath/Power, an independent integrated communications agency, has been chosen by The Handpicked Company (THC) to drive branding, marketing and communications efforts for this flower and cannabis derivatives supplier. The agency has kicked off the THC program with an educational communications campaign called “Choose Clean” to highlight the issue of contaminated cannabis currently being sold in the legal California marketplace.

THC, founded by a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and an executive film producer based in Hollywood, will be formally launching in the coming weeks. The company has “handpicked” a team of cannabis experts, from soil scientists to formulation specialists and a computational gastronomy chef, to deliver an innovative cannabis product line. Using agricultural practices more commonly found in the cultivation of food products, THC is focused on delivering the highest-quality, contaminant-free flower and cannabis derivatives to market. The company is helping to ensure consumers are educated about their options and confident in their cannabis consumption, regardless of personal needs, past experiences or desired outcomes.

“We needed a partner that could jump in and drive our branding, marketing and communications efforts quickly to capitalize on the changing consumer preferences and legalization within the U.S., Canada and across the globe,” said Steve Koskie, co-founder, The Handpicked Company. Koskie has held management positions with several tech companies as well as leading the digital platform for the popular musical performers the Black Eyed Peas. “I have worked with McGrath/Power at various companies over the past decade, and have always been impressed with their strategic thinking, creativity and high standards—all things the cannabis industry needs to transition into a legal industry and thrive.”

The first phase of the agency’s work with THC was unveiled at the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco at which the “Choose Clean” educational campaign began with an agency-produced video and associated panel discussion focusing on the issue of contaminated cannabis that is still legal and being sold in California until July 2018. The agency arranged the participation by cannabis science and testing experts from SC Labs and The Werc Shop to lend perspective to the Choose Clean video and to have SC Labs’ co-founder Ian Rice participate on the panel, which was moderated by THC’s Koskie. McGrath/Power also created the Choose Clean microsite which houses consumer information on the issue.

“The cannabis industry’s quick rise to a legal market in the country’s largest state has been impossible to ignore and we’ve been working in the space for the past three years getting ready for the market to open up,” said Jonathan Bloom, CEO and founding partner, McGrath/Power. “We’ve always embraced the future, whether it be a new technology or a new social issue, and our Cannabis practice is gaining attention and momentum. Working alongside The Handpicked Company’s executive team was an exciting proposition and an opportunity to put our expertise to work.”

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