Mower launches multimedia campaign with Iroquois Healthcare Association, “The Caring Gene”

by | Dec 17, 2020

With New York state facing a critical shortage of long-term care workers, Iroquois Healthcare Association turned to Mower’s healthcare marketing experts for help attracting candidates to hundreds of entry-level jobs.

The catch? Long hours and work that is both physically and emotionally demanding don’t rank high on most job seekers’ wish lists.

The result? A multimedia campaign, The Caring Gene®, whose impact on IHA’s recruitment efforts has exceeded every expectation—and earned our team recognition with multiple industry awards.

Here’s how they did it: Mower’s IHA team reached out to current caregivers to find out why they choose to do what they do. And they learned that some people have an innate desire to help others. In other words, they’re born to care.

The team dubbed that desire The Caring Gene® and made it the center of a multimedia campaign that challenged job seekers to consider if caring is in their DNA. An online Caring Gene quiz helped candidates identify if they’re a good fit, then pointed them to job openings and tips on how to start a career in this rapidly expanding industry.

The campaign spanned website, TV, radio, outdoor, digital, video and social. To date, it has netted more than 900,000 website visits, 80,000 job searches and 31,000 click-throughs to provider job sites.

These impressive results have led IHA to expand the campaign across the state. And, in the process, it has won three gold B2 awards, a Global ACE award, and gold, silver and silver Healthcare Advertising awards.

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