New March Communications Well Tech Survey Reveals Consumer Emphasis on Whole Health and Proven Results

by | Mar 4, 2020

March Communications, a B2B and consumer tech PR agency working with brands to reimagine the way innovation and technology are experienced, revealed unexpected findings from a new survey that shows how health and wellness technologies (well tech) influence consumers’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which will reshape how marketers approach their strategies.

Technology and innovation help us live better, smarter, more engaging and enriching lives. Consumers are so full of hope and promise for longevity, eternal beauty, age-defying physical health, and more, that the category has exploded to more than $4.2 trillion. But, with such a massive surge of trendy devices and popular digital services in our day-to-day, the central questions become: Is the onrush of technology and innovation making us healthier and our lives better? To what extent is tech changing the value we place on health and wellness? In short, are we well?

To uncover the answers, March Communications conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers between the ages of 25 and 50 across the country.

The survey proves that a vast majority of consumers believe that tech plays an integral role in whole health and wellness. And, most importantly, there is a newfound demand for scientific proof and demonstrated effectiveness to drive buying decisions.

“March was curious—is well tech the cure, or is it the disease? The results show that consumers are leaning toward cure, but health and well tech communicators will only win their favor when they achieve a specific trifecta. This includes focusing on whole body benefit, demonstrating proven, scientific effectiveness, and educating consumers on how it all comes together,” said Jodi Petrie, EVP of March Communications and Consumer Innovation Group Lead.

It’s obvious that consumers care about the science, but oftentimes struggle to understand it. Brands need a partner who can translate the meaningful benefits into a relatable story. March Communications partners with leading consumer tech brands to shape and share the stories that bring their innovative products, services and ideas to life. With a focus on storytelling and integrated communications across health and wellness, fertility and climate tech, e-commerce, smart home, and more, the agency helps leading brands like AbleToNormaTecLadder, and YO fertility find their spark.

Click to learn more about March’s experience in the consumer wellness and B2B health tech industries. More information on the Year of Smart Living survey can be found here.

March Communications Well Tech Survey

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