NRPR Group relaunches PRfect Pitch podcast, where gamechangers in media share tips, tricks, and tactics PR professionals need to know to score winning opportunities

by | Apr 30, 2021

NRPR Group, a highly-recognized, award-winning public relations agency headquartered in the heart of Beverly Hills, announced the relaunch of PRfect Pitch, NRPR Group’s podcast, hosted by founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues. On each episode, Nicole chats with key players in the media industry to highlight the tips, tricks, and tactics PR professionals need to know to step up their game and work better with our media counterparts. The agency also announced new client and project wins including 360 Clinic, The One Heart Movement, Athletes Touch, Unleashed LGBTQ, and more. Moreover, NRPR continued to receive industry accolades in the first quarter with honors from leading global business publications, further demonstrating dedication to clients, team, and the overall Public Relations industry.

PRfect Pitch was originally launched in 2016, as a biweekly radio show focused on insights from media and PR agency owners. The re-launch will focus specifically on media and key event managers whom PR agencies pitch regularly on behalf of clients. As the name implies, successful pitching is a key ingredient in achieving results as a public relations professional.  Unfortunately, the number of journalists has dropped by about half between 2008 and 2019, making those who remain in the field more resource- and time-constrained. It, therefore, behooves PR pros to know how, when and with what to reach out to media. PRfect Pitch talks about how and when to pitch a story to editors and producers who in turn learn which PR sources can be trusted to bring them an interesting, useful story.

“The time’s right to bring back PRfect Pitch,” says Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group. “With fewer opportunities for in-person interaction, I am excited to offer my PR peers the chance to hear from media pros about how they like PR publicists to contact them and what they need from a pitch before they will consider an angle. PR would be nothing without media, so we need to help them to be effective in their jobs to be successful in ours. I am also thrilled to be partnering with additional clients to deliver them valuable and lasting publicity that will help them prosper.”

NRPR is also pleased to welcome several new cutting-edge clients to its roster, including:

  • 360 clinic, a future-forward, patient-purposed, comprehensive network of healthcare services and providers, building a better tomorrow for a post-pandemic world.
  • Athletes Touch, the exclusive community of former college and professional athletes excelling in the world of business.
  • DreamView, the global power source for infinitely reusable, photorealistic, real-time asset generation and AR/VR-enhanced lifestyle scene creation that make dreamscapes a reality for eCommerce platforms and brands worldwide.
  • The One Heart Movement, a movement focused on unifying us as a national and global community to help us overcome both current and future challenges, including support for our healthcare heroes and the families of healthcare heroes we have lost in this battle against COVID-19; and
  • Unleashed LGBTQ, in its inaugural year, this event is tailored to the powerful and connected LGBTQ community of industry professionals and hopefuls.

NRPR continues to receive public acclaim, as well. The agency is pleased to have received the following recognition from leading global business publications:

Nicole Rodrigues and her team look forward to continued achievement in 2021. The agency will continue to add new services to stay ahead of client needs. Furthermore, once COVID-19’s been quelled, they look forward to an economic rebuilding mode and additional opportunities for NRPR Group.

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