PR Veteran Tom Kivett Launches Brightfluence Agency

by | May 9, 2019

Kivett & Company public relations veteran Tom Kivett announced the birth of Brightfluence, an integrated communications agency based in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. The company offers an array of communications services including earned-media, social strategy, paid-social, digital marketing, and visual content solutions.

Brightfluence is targeting the technology, consumer and health tech sectors, where Kivett and team have much of their experience. His goal is to make integrated communications and influencer marketing more accessible for startups, and small to mid-size companies.

To create the agency, Kivett assembled a nimble team of communications specialists, each an entrepreneur in a different discipline with many years’ experience running a sole proprietorship consultancy.

“Brightfluence is more than a new integrated agency, it’s the fusion of independent practitioners who get along well, love what they do and want to work with like-minded clients,” said Kivett, founder and lead influencer of Brightfluence. “We offer a breadth of expertise not typically found at a firm our size.”

This “collective” of practitioners offers a broader range of experience than he was able to deliver previously as a sole practitioner specializing in high-impact media relations. “Our view is that we can achieve more for clients working together than they can with freelancers or independents working separately,” he continued.

Doug Sadler, Brightfluence director of visual communications and head of the Pocket Media Group, leads content creation, video, and photography programs. His role is to ensure that client messages are delivered in the most compelling and memorable ways.

“Our goal is to create the visual content clients need to tell their stories and make them impactful,” said Sadler. “We also make it easier for them to incorporate visual content into to their PR, social, owned media and presentations.”

Every program Brightfluence executes is customized to utilize the services a client needs but can easily evolve as those needs change. “We don’t go into an engagement with the mindset that ‘this will be an integrated program,’” added Kivett. “If the client only needs PR or social or a series of videos, then that’s what we deliver.”

The benefit of integration? Programs dovetail nicely with each other and lead toward greater effectiveness and also time and cost efficiencies.

A 25+ year veteran of the New York public relations scene, Kivett has been at the helm of Kivett & Company Communications, in senior roles at Weber Shandwick, onsite at Panasonic, and in-house at tech startup Ovid Technologies.

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