purposewerx, First-Ever Purpose-Driven Collective of Companies, Created to Drive and Scale Business and Social Impact

by | Nov 23, 2021

Ten independent purpose-driven technology and professional services companies have joined forces to launch purposewerx, a first-of-its-kind global collective created to drive and scale business and social impact. Each firm has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that build brands and inspire action for multinational corporations, emerging brands, startups, and nonprofits. By uniting under a common mission, these companies will offer unparalleled global reach, deeper capabilities, and more powerful collaboration to meet the needs of any company or organization. The founding purposewerx cohort represents a combined $45 million in annual revenue.

“Our shared passion to humanize business as a force for good has been long-standing. What was missing were the agility and resources to scale our ideas to further support companies, causes, consumers, and communities,” said purposewerx Cofounder and CEO Brian Powell. “We recognize that better ideas and the best execution arise from the collaboration of multiple firms and leaders within our Collective. Our model is to seamlessly match the team with the problem we are tasked with solving.”

Founding purposewerx members include:

Many of the world’s best-known companies and organizations – including Unilever, Salesforce, L’Oreal, Skoll Foundation, Coca-Cola, Walgreen’s, CDC, Target, AT&T, Sierra Club, Burger King, E-Trade and many more – are already working with founding members. In hand with trusted partners, each purposewerx company will provide current and future clients expanded data-and technology-driven solutions with unmatched depth and expertise.

“Our experiences at traditional agency holding companies or networks, or as clients of those models, fueled our desire to build something novel,” said purposewerx Cofounder and Chairman John McNeel. “We sought to create a specialized constellation of partners that were stronger together but honored our unique identities, which was something we hadn’t seen in any of our fields. Our success hinged on an expert team that was diverse in both thinking and composition.”

Mickie Senften French, Chief Integration Officer of purposewerx, added, “Purposeful leaders need partners to help drive real change in key social and environmental issues. The next generation is relying on us to right some of the wrongs and deliver them a resilient planet, society – and economy. We are thrilled to have such an exciting group of companies across the world working together, with one single point of contact and process to deliver the best integrated solutions to our clients with a focus on creating meaningful impact.”

purposewerx’s entry into the market reflects a growing consumer and corporate interest in brand purpose. A recent survey found that more than 70% of consumers feel it is more important than ever for companies to reflect their values, and purpose-driven companies grow at more than 2x the rate of others, according to a 12 year study. purposewerx is the result of a common belief among its founding industry experts: driving positive, sustainable change is no longer optional—it is imperative to an enterprise’s long-term growth and success.

About purposewerx

purposewerx is a first-of-its-kind global collective of founder-led professional services and emerging technology companies that drive business and social impact at scale. With members in 20 countries and 150 clients worldwide, the collective delivers integrated solutions across marketing strategy, innovation, diversity & inclusion, branding, employee engagement, advertising, design, PR, digital, events, media, loyalty, multicultural, and gaming that power organizations in today’s purpose-driven world. For more information, visit www.purposewerx.com.

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