Rebellious PR Launches Project Uplift: An Initiative And Merchandise Line That Supports Black And Brown Owned Businesses

by | Jun 4, 2021

Rebellious PR & Consulting, a Portland and Los Angeles-based public relations agency, has announced Project Uplift: A pro-bono program supporting Black and Brown-owned businesses. Rebellious PR has relentlessly strived to change outdated public relations industry norms since being established in 2016. The past year was momentous for many businesses due to the pandemic and social climate surrounding inequality in the United States. The moment of reckoning underscored the need for culturally competent communications, crisis communication strategies and inclusion within the workplace beyond meeting a race quota. It became clear that the resource we provide as an agency was invaluable for brands and founders that want to get their voice into the world and we wanted to create space for the most marginalized to be heard. After receiving a dazzling logo from graphic designer Kierrah Byrd, and a successful quarter with the first Project Uplift recipient Sad Girls Club, Rebellious PR & Consulting is going live with the regular service offering and merchandise.

Project Uplift is Rebellious PR’s quarterly pro-bono publicity program for Black and Brown-owned businesses who by existing are:

  • Making space for new conversations
  • Providing important and supportive resources to communities
  • Creating generational wealth opportunities
  • Providing a valuable framework for the future
  • Rebellious at their core

In addition to the pro-bono PR service, Rebellious PR is taking pre-orders for Project Uplift merchandise to raise funds to be donated to important community organizations and support further Project Uplift work. 50 percent of proceeds in the first round of sales will be made to food insecurity initiatives including The Food Bank of Southern California and The Okra Project.

Through Project Uplift, Rebellious PR was able to expand Sad Girls Club’s reach through top-tier media coverage and produce the organization’s first virtual telethon, “The Happiest Sad Girls,” to raise funds to sustain their rapid growth and ensure their ability to continue to provide mental health resources at zero to no cost. The four-hour virtual telethon was held on December 12, 2020, consisting of performances by recording artists, panel discussions, midday workouts and prizes. Through successful partnerships, sponsorship and donations, Rebellious PR helped Sad Girls Club raise over 65,000 dollars and counting.

“Our vision is to be an active part of creating a world where inclusive business is the norm. Knowing less than two percent of venture capital goes to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs, the Rebellious PR team is working for a world where access to resources and capital is equitable.” – Rachel Johnston (Vice President of Rebellious PR).

“Rebellious PR is proof that traditional PR and the need for a new authentic PR approach is desired by tomorrow’s business leaders,” reflects founder and CEO, Evie Smith Hatmaker. “The next step was creating a business model that could support doing the work we believe in for those who deserve it, not just those who can afford it.”

Rebellious PR’s clients range from consumer technology to food and beverage, cannabis, sexual health and wellness, innovative products and platforms designed to disrupt the status quo; commonly being Black, Brown and LGBTQIA+ centered companies. Designed to represent the underrepresented, Rebellious PR prides itself on creating a culturally competent, self-care aware work-space with talented, creative staff who are just as disruptive as their clients.

About Sad Girls Club:

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization on a mission: to create community and diminish the stigma around mental health, with a special emphasis on supporting women of color and the Millennial and GenZ population.

About Rebellious PR & Consulting:

Rebellious PR is a public relations agency based in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA that amplifies stories of diverse companies with unique expertise and cultural competency.  We are Rebellious because our clients disrupt industries and make their own lanes to create revolutionary work. Rebellious because we are creating a new lane in our own industry.

About Project Uplift: 

Project Uplift mission is to amplify, support, and make space for the voices of Black and brown businesses. Rebellious commits to continue showing up for underrepresented founders by giving our most valuable asset: our time and professional relationships.

For more information please contact projectuplift@rebelliouspr.com

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