Red Fan Communications embraces the Halloween spirit and attempts to solve lost holiday problems

by | Oct 30, 2020

Red Fan Communications, an Austin, Texas-based full-service public relations and marketing communications agency, released a video treat in collaboration with Castleview Agency, an Austin-based video production agency, just in time for Halloween. The comedic skit recognizes how the holidays have struggled this year, and hints at how public relations can help.

With Halloween as the next 2020 holiday facing uncertainty and turmoil, Red Fan wanted to keep spirits high despite things looking different this year. One of the main features of the video is the Helms House, Red Fan’s Austin headquarters. A historic home built in the 1890s, the Helms House was known for festive Halloween parties during the 1970s and 1980s. In keeping with the tradition, the agency has hosted large-scale Halloween celebrations for clients and friends of the agency for almost a decade.

“We always hope to spread joy within our network, and Halloween” said Kathleen Lucente, president and founder of Red Fan Communications. “Annually, we hold a huge gathering with professional hair, makeup and costume design, but this year, that’s just not possible. Red Fan wanted to do something special for Halloween to keep the tradition alive, so we put a humorous twist on professional communications that we hope everyone can enjoy.”

In the video, Lucente reflects on past fictitious work with the personified holidays of St. Patrick, Easter and Earth Day. She proposes that Halloween needs to stay strong and approach its narrative differently this year, with suggestions to pull in Dracula for thought leadership.

“We hope this video and the positive message of ‘keep your spirits high’ can serve as a reminder to viewers that, even though we can’t celebrate in person this year, we can still have a lot of fun together,” Lucente said.

Watch the video here.

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