Ruder Finn launches ML-based ‘RF Truth Vector’ to counter fake news 

by | May 12, 2021

Leading global communications agency, Ruder Finn, announced the launch of RF Truth Vector, a digital offering that focuses on early detection of the spread of misinformation and harmful content to protect and maintain clients’ brand health. This offering is designed to help brands, companies, organizations and thought leaders counter misinformation propagated by a heavily fractured, and sometimes intentionally sophisticated array of inaccurate information sources.

The RF Truth Vector offering is led by Ruder Finn’s Chief Technology Officer, Tejas Totade. It encompasses a ‘Truth Sonar’ social intelligence system that employs machine learning and AI to uncover and isolate harmful information before it gains traction. The system identifies the factions on fringe social networks behind the false information, detecting underlying patterns to expose motives and agendas, and anticipates viral events before they reach critical mass. Then a series of precision-targeted ‘Truth Vectors’ from receptive influencers neutralize false information and diffuse viral conversations with fact-based narratives and brand-supportive content.

“Fake news today can spread faster than ever and cause irreparable damage, sometimes even destroying a company’s or a brand’s image,” says Ruder Finn CEO Kathy Bloomgarden who has driven the expansion of the agency’s digital offering, exploring emerging tech in machine learning, social listening, and AI. “It is necessary for companies to take precautions so that they are not unnecessarily put in a defensive position and left trying to understand the source and spread of disinformation while working to mitigate it.”

“This can be game-changing for brands in controlling and maintaining accuracy in their company and product narratives. Having a robust Machine Learning pipeline, that can process millions of conversational data points on a daily basis, is the foundation for a mature predictive analytics model that can truly empower the clients’ brand and policy teams in making data-driven decisions in any situation!” said Tejas Totade.

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