S&A Communications Owner Chuck Norman Earns Crisis Communication Certificate 

by | Mar 2, 2018

S&A Communications Owner/Principal Chuck Norman, APR, has earned a Crisis Communication Certificate from the Public Relations Society of America. He completed a program that provided attendees with classes taught by nationally and internationally recognized experts.

The new certificate program was developed by PRSA to present manager- and senior-level public relations and communications professionals with five or more years of experience with all the best practices for handling crisis communications situations that might arise in an organization. PRSA believes that education and understanding can help prevent the mismanagement of difficult or dangerous situations that break down trust between organizations and their publics.

From the coursework, participants learned how to:

  • Master key skills and tools needed to understand the drivers of trust in the context of fulfilling expectations.
  • Discover how to obtain forgiveness through the specific language of apologies.
  • Understand the technique for building and sustaining a corporate narrative.
  • Effectively communicate how to persuade CEOs and other senior executives during a crisis.
  • Develop clarity around roles and processes.
  • Define how to plan for both timely and effective crisis responses.

Attendees had to complete an exam at the end of the program to be awarded the certificate.

Of the importance of the program, Norman believes that society is at a juncture that requires adequate preparation for the unexpected. “I want S&A Communications to be at the forefront of providing logical, constructive dispatch to difficult social, economic and political events and discourse,” he said. “I’ve been a crisis- and reputation-management consultant for most of my career. I never stop perfecting my craft, and this certificate helps continue my goal of life-long learning to improve my skillsets.”

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