PMBC Group, a public relations firm specializing in high-tech media campaigns, announced a 35% increase in blockchain technology client accounts from the previous year.

To further accommodate the recent surge in blockchain focused clients, PMBC Group began to offer cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, DASH, and Ethereum, as a payment option for all agency services. PMBC Group’s enterprising decision to implement cryptocurrency payment options, is as a monumental indicator of the rapidly expanding versatility and convenience blockchain and digital currency technologies are bringing to business transactions across highly-competitive industries including banking, ecommerce and media communications.

The announcement effectively reinforces PMBC Group’s position as one of the most progressive technology PR firms in the U.S. and is likely to further distinguish the Los Angeles based group, from the recent influx of organizations currently offering promotional and marketing services to blockchain developers. An early adopter of blockchain-focused clients and campaigns, PMBC Group is widely recognized within the cryptocurrency arena as a leader in blockchain media relations, having successfully advised numerous digital currency organizations during multi-million-dollar Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) campaigns.

PMBC Group CEO and Founder, Ola Danilina, commented: “PMBC Group was founded with the purpose of advocating the innovation, creativity and passion our clients bring to the high-tech space. Cryptocurrency fully aligns with our fundamental commitment to ground-breaking technology and is a welcomed addition to our business operations.”

Most recently, PMBC Group provided PR services on numerous DASH digital currency focused campaigns, as well as various blockchain enabled platforms including academic and work history verification platform, EchoLink, VR developer, Prosense, and cryptocurrency mobile app, CryptoMaps.

“Leading digital currency networks like DASH have many options for PR representation. Knowing that PMBC Group is accepting DASH and other cryptocurrencies as payment, confirms that we are working with a forward-thinking organization,” said Amanda B. Johnson, Official Spokesperson, DASH Digital Cash.

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