The BARR Center Retains The Pollack PR Marketing Group

by | Jan 31, 2020

The BARR Center (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) (BARR), a model that aims to bring education into the 21st century, has retained The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) to raise awareness about BARR’s data-driven, personalized, and supportive approach to education that aligns students, teachers, and families with a unified culture of support and success so that, together, they can build strong schools and communities.

BARR’s mission is to empower schools, teachers, and families to protect every student’s right to success in education, regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic status. BARR has been proven to build strong schools and strong communities and empower students and teachers who create a unified culture of success and a unified culture of support.

BARR, which was created by a school counselor in Minneapolis has been rolled out in more than 100 schools across 15 states after receiving backing from the U.S. Department of Education nine years ago through an innovation grant, which allowed it to undergo rigorous testing.

“BARR has seen favorable results in classrooms across the country, emphasizing creating stronger relationships among students, and between educators and pupils,” said Stefan Pollack, president of The Pollack PR Marketing Group. “Our work will help showcase how BARR works and how it helps the entire education ecosystem to thrive.”

“BARR does not just believe that education is a right, it believes that success in education is a right, added Pollack. “BARR has the information, knowledge, and understanding to build successful schools by understanding its components and understanding its students as individuals, giving them actionable opportunities, and catching them when they stumble or fall. And they can do it with the same teachers, the same students, and the same resources. We are excited to highlight how BARR is bringing education into the 21st century, where it belongs.”

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