4 tips for streamlining your PR agency

by | May 30, 2019 | Public Relations

Businesses in all industries can benefit from finding ways to streamline their operation, and this is certainly true for PR. While there are many ways to streamline your PR agency which can help you to succeed, it is also important to realize that you must know how to streamline carefully as this is an industry which is all about care, detail and building personal connections which can sometimes be overlooked when streamlining.

With this in mind, here are a few effective strategies which you can use to streamline your PR agency while still providing an excellent service to your clients.

Communication through technology

Communication is key to success when it comes to PR, yet you will find that holding regular meetings throughout the week can be incredibly time-consuming for all parties. Instead, communicating through technology can streamline this area of the business without impacting quality. A few ways to use tech to improve communication include:

  • Video conferencing calls
  • Email newsletters
  • Team instant messaging groups
  • Social media
  • Remote working

Automate small tasks

Everyone has easy tasks to complete each day which can be time-consuming and dull. Often, you can find software and technology that can automate these tasks for you which can free up time for you to focus on the bigger tasks and also reduce errors. A few daily tasks that are easy to automate include:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Email
  • Organizing meetings
  • Data entry

Add security when automating

While there are many benefits to automation, you will also find that security can be an issue when it comes to using technology and the internet in any area of business. If you use containers to manage workloads and services, then Kubernetes is a great way to manage these, but there have been security concerns in recent times which you should be aware of. You can boost your container security through updating Kubernetes networking policies, which will help you to stay safe when automating.

Create operational checklists

There are many separate processes which go into the service that a PR company provides to clients (both big and small). One of the most effective ways for finding ways to streamline your operation is to list every process and to work alongside department heads to analyze each one. You can then work with them to discuss what challenges are faced with this process, if it could be done in a cheaper manner or if there is a more efficient way to complete the task. Even a slight alteration to a seemingly small task could have a huge impact on the efficiency of the entire operation.

Every PR agency should regularly look for ways to streamline their operation as this can have such a big impact on many areas of the company, including their bottom line and the quality of service. It is important to be careful when streamlining, however, as it is easy to lose quality and the all-important human touch in PR, but the above information should help you to streamline while improving quality and allowing you to continue making strong connections with clients.

James Daniels
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