Our 5 Lousiest Articles of 2017

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Public Relations

Last week we declared our top articles for the year, both by views and shares. Now, as much as we like to toot our own horn, we realize that it’s a bit uncouth. And we feel bad about that.

So to temper our unrefined braying, to prove that we aren’t blind to our own faults, that we are human and do bleed, we present to you now some serious stinkers from the year that was.

Behold, in no particular order, our greatest flops of 2017.

Maneuvering through disaster: 4 pillars of crisis management

Maybe the featured image was a little too “Temple of Doom” and gave people the willies. Or maybe it was lines like “Timing is critical when a crisis strikes,” which has been said in one way or another 45 million times since the first PR blog appeared. But really, we thought the gorgeous infographic would turn at least some heads.

Millennials largely ignore recall notifications—why it’s a comms problem

Nobody likes being told they have a problem. Yeah, we get it now why this one didn’t take off.

5 ways to reward brand “superusers”—and recruit even more

But this one? Come on! Superusers? Who wouldn’t wanna click on this and get a peek into that world?? Oh wait – we know what happened here. It’s the gratuitous use of grotesque stock imagery, isn’t it?

Communications case study: Making SEO work for your brand

“Seo.” “Brand.” “Case study.” This one’s got it all. Or so we thought.

Anticipation, skepticism, fear—what execs really think about AI

Maybe opening our title with three pretty miserable emotions wasn’t the best idea. But AI…people like AI, don’t they?

Marcus Kaulback
Marcus is a content creator and marketer with a focus on branding and communications.