Email marketing optimization—the importance of personalization

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

When it comes to email marketing optimization for your campaign, quite a number of things need to be considered. Arguably, the most important is to focus on the personalizing of the emails. This means that your emails need to be tailored to every particular person you’re sending them to.

You need to start by finding out your target customer’s name or her company and address her correctly by name in the email. People find it easier to relate to those who seem to know them personally by name.

The subject line should also be personalized seeing as they’re 16% more likely to be opened by recipients. Moreover, personalized email marketing can lead to a median ROI of 122 percent.

No wonder then that 94 percent of companies believe that personalization is critical to a business’s success. And this can be substantiated by the fact that Dormify witnessed a 92-percent rise in email revenue and a conversion rate that almost doubled its average after including personalized emails in its campaign.

To make the personalization of your emails more effective, ensure that your emails are mobile responsive for easy readability and are written using simple English that even a 3rd grader can easily understand.

Also, they should be sent at the right time if you want to increase open rates—recipients are more likely to open emails if you send them between 8pm and midnight. Experiment with the timings on different days to see which ones work better for you.

The team behind 99firms.com created the infographic below to provide you with the most efficient hacks, supported by case studies:

Email marketing optimization—the importance of personalization

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