Evolving email marketing technologies help deliver the best ROI

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

A new report from email marketing platform Campaign Monitor looks at the latest technology in email marketing, and provides an understanding of what strategies are working and what’s on the horizon for technology in the space.

The report analyzes goals for organizations looking to achieve the best ROI by applying email marketing strategies to boost their marketing efforts. The results also unveil crucial insights and trends today’s marketers need to understand to be successful.

Key insights include:

Email marketing is the leading tool for digital marketers

Fifty-nine percent of marketers reported email continues to generate the most ROI for their organization. In a world consumed by digital marketing channels, social media, display ads and video, they are trailing behind email marketing when it comes to ROI for most organizations. As a result, marketers plan to increase their spend on email marketing by 25 percent.

Evolving email marketing technologies help deliver the best ROI

Personalization pays off

Thirty-nine percent of survey respondents said they never personalize their emails and 21 percent never use segmentation, yet 96 percent of organizations believe that personalization can improve email marketing performance and conversions. But, personalization goes beyond adding a recipient’s first name to a subject line. Marketers must use data to create a truly personal experience.

Evolving email marketing technologies help deliver the best ROI

Master the basics before moving forward with trendy tactics

Most marketers don’t have the resources they need to get on board with trendy tactics. Instead of focusing on the next big thing, first master how to provide the type of relevant experiences consumers expect using the tools already available, then turn to new technology like artificial intelligence and live video.

Evolving email marketing technologies help deliver the best ROI

“We’ve taken an in-depth look at the industry to understand and report what today’s marketers need to create successful campaigns and achieve their marketing goals,” said Shane Phair, SVP of marketing at Campaign Monitor, in a news release. “The strategies and insights within the report further provide a clear picture of how email marketing can contribute to the success of a business.”

Read the full report here.

Campaign Monitor surveyed more than 200 marketers and interviewed 25 leading experts.

Evolving email marketing technologies help deliver the best ROI

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