How AI-driven tools can enhance media monitoring in PR campaigns

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Public Relations

With artificial intelligence eating up more column inches than almost anything else in recent history, its arrival as a tool that can itself revamp the way PR campaigns function is probably not much of a shock for those with their ears to the ground.

What is intriguing is how AI’s influence over media monitoring shapes up in comparison with traditional ways of scrutinizing coverage and the public conversation. So stick around and we’ll bring you up to speed with the state of play.

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Accelerating real-time analytics

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in PR, and AI-driven tools provide professionals with real-time analytics that switch up how they track and respond to media coverage. This is part of why 80 percent of businesses are convinced of the value that AI brings to the table.

Speed and accuracy combined

Trying to manually sift through thousands of articles, posts, and broadcasts each day is time-consuming and inefficient. But with AI, this process becomes instantaneous. Here’s how:

  • Automated data collection: Top tools can scrape vast amounts of data from multiple sources.
  • Instantaneous reporting: You’ll get immediate insights without waiting hours or days.
  • Enhanced precision: Pinpointing exactly what matters without wading through irrelevant content is streamlined.

So, let’s say a major tech company launches a new product. Within minutes, AI-powered tools scan news outlets, social media platforms, blogs—basically anywhere people are talking about it—and aggregate this information into digestible reports.

These reports show:

  • Coverage volume: How many times the product is mentioned.
  • Geographical spread: Where these mentions originate from globally.
  • Engagement metrics: Likes, shares, comments—the buzz indicators.

This kind of instant feedback allows PR teams to adjust their strategies on the fly. Maybe there’s unexpected backlash in Europe but praise in Asia? Tweaking your messaging accordingly can happen there and then! That’s why taking the time to study the fundamental concepts of AI will put you ahead of the PR pack.

Facilitating sentiment analysis

AI-driven sentiment analysis is another increasingly efficient way for PR professionals to gauge public opinion. No longer are they solely reliant on traditional surveys or focus groups; now, they can harness advanced algorithms to understand how audiences feel about their brands in real-time.

Deciphering emotions from data

Sentiment analysis is about more than just counting positive and negative mentions. It gets into the nitty gritty nuances of language, identifying emotions such as joy, anger, surprise, and sadness within text. 

It does this through:

  • Contextual understanding: AI models can distinguish between sarcasm and genuine praise.
  • Emotion detection: These tools recognize complex sentiments beyond the binaries of positive and negative that previous attempts at automation have been stuck with.
  • Trend identification: It’s possible to track shifts in sentiment over time to spot emerging patterns.

Take the case of a high-profile event like an Oscars controversy, the most recent example of which generated 32 million impressions in a matter of hours. With a deluge of posts flying around, it’s almost impossible for human analysts to make sense of them quickly enough. 

With AI:

  • The tool scans social media platforms for keywords related to the event.
  • Algorithms evaluate each post’s emotional tone—determining whether people are outraged, amused, or anything in between.
  • Real-time dashboards visualize these insights with graphs showing sentiment trends.

This immediate feedback enables PR teams to craft appropriate responses swiftly—addressing concerns or amplifying positive reactions effectively.

Enhancing keyword tracking

In public relations, timing is everything—even with a 7 day news cycle still being the norm. AI-driven keyword tracking tools provide an edge by helping PR professionals stay ahead of narratives as they unfold.

Precision in monitoring

Tracking keywords is about understanding context and relevance. Here’s how this is enhanced with cutting edge tech:

  • Contextual relevance: AI tools don’t just track keywords but understand their significance within the text, in much the same way as a human would.
  • Competitive analysis: You can automatically identify how competitors are being discussed in comparison to your brand.
  • Trendspotting: Highlighting emerging topics before they become mainstream news is easier with AI.

So for instance, say you’re a major automobile company and you’re launching an electric vehicle (EV). With traditional methods, you’d search for terms like “electric car” or “EV” and try to parse what you find as best you can. But with AI-enhanced tracking, the insights are far less superficial. 

For instance, you might:

  • Track discussions not only around “electric vehicles” but also related subjects like sustainability, charging infrastructure, and government policies.
  • Identify influential voices shaping these conversations—journalists, bloggers, or even specific social media influencers.
  • Monitor shifts in tone and volume pre-and post-launch to measure campaign effectiveness accurately.

By doing this:

  • You gain comprehensive visibility into the broader ecosystem impacting your product launch.
  • Your response strategies can be hyper-targeted towards influencing key opinion leaders, positively driving desired outcomes too—and doing so efficiently.

Wrapping up

From overhauling your ability to respond to trends and customer sentiment in real time, to getting in-depth insights that put you ahead of the curve, AI is a clear stalwart when it comes to media monitoring in PR campaigns. With the right tools, you’ll feel like a public relations genius, so start embracing AI and the benefits will flood in afterwards.

Jessica Perkins
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