Speed. Relevance. Impact: Media Briefings Go Next-Level with New AI-Powered Article Analysis Tool 

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Media Monitoring, Public Relations

In the fast-paced world of business today, media monitoring is a critical tool for staying informed and making smarter decisions. However, the challenge lies in transforming the vast amount of coverage into actionable insights. Despite the painstaking effort to compile, these email briefings often get overlooked due to information overload. 

As we grapple with an information-saturated world, extracting valuable takeaways from the accumulated coverage is paramount for effective media monitoring. This is not just a task, but a necessity for your organization’s leaders, departments, and external stakeholders. Agility PR Solutions realized the need to unearth the most useful takeaways from accrued coverage, the most critical component of effective media monitoring. 

Introducing Intelligent Insights: Redefining Media Analysis with AI-Powered Capabilities

Step into the future of full-performance media monitoring and analysis with Intelligent Insights, Agility PR Solutions’ groundbreaking AI-powered media analysis tool. Seamlessly integrated into Agility’s media monitoring solution, this first-of-its-kind capability transforms traditional briefings into dynamic, attention-grabbing takeaways. 

Unlocking Efficiency: Three Key Advantages of Intelligent Insights

1. Extract the most relevant coverage insights in a fraction of the time

Perhaps you’ve just read a trade article detailing an annual conference with notable keynote speakers. Or maybe you read an online interview with your competitor’s CEO discussing their vision for the year ahead.

How do you turn those coverage examples into useful insights for your stakeholders?

Intelligent Insights allows you to quickly gather the most useful takeaways, generating only the most relevant insights in real-time within Agility’s powerful platform. Users can go far beyond basic “cookie cutter” insights and generate multiple contextualized takeaways, including sentiment analysis based on the topic or angle your stakeholders are most interested in, as well as key audience(s) of the article, the tone of coverage, and more.

2. Command attention with insightful, clutter-free media briefings

Once you’ve generated the most relevant and useful insights related to your coverage, you are much more easily able to convert those insights into real takeaways your team members and external stakeholders can really use.

You can also get even more strategic with the variety of insights to include in your briefing by tailoring your analysis to quickly locate the sector-specific information that directly impacts your organization and its stakeholders. For example, if your brand has recently weathered a PR crisis, you’ll want to examine its full impact on your company’s reputation by adding sentiment analysis  to communicate the overall tone of all mentions surrounding the brand to your recipient teams

By adding these nuanced insights to your media briefings, your report will be much more useful—and user-friendly— for the various busy team leaders you’re working with.

Intelligent Insights

3. Provide each briefing recipient with the customized insights they need

The days of one-size-fits-all briefings are over—even though some media hits are more valuable than others, the true significance of the coverage differs from role to role and department to department, depending on which specifics or angles that each team is expected to act on. And the most useful takeaways from a news article will vary accordingly.

Intelligent Insights caters to these individual preferences and needs by letting users specify their own inputs and prompts within its interactive console to reveal the insights they need in minutes, not hours.

This ground-breaking capability means that users can dependably and quickly derive their own tailored insights when a briefing hits their inbox. And your recipients can then tailor the findings to their own needs: the legal department, for example, can quickly isolate regulatory, contractual, and other related insights, while the product research team can customize an entirely different set of takeaways—all from the same briefing. 

Inundation to Innovation: Provide Impactful Insights, Not Information Overload

Leveraging the power of AI, Intelligent Insights offers a transformative approach to media analysis. It not only saves an inordinate amount of time but also transforms traditional briefings into dynamic and personalized reports that your various audiences can actually use—which showcases not only the value of your media relations efforts, but also the sophisticated skill of your PR.  

In a world where information overload is a constant challenge, Intelligent Insights offers a streamlined and efficient approach to coverage analysis, providing communication professionals with the right tool they need to deliver better results more quickly and add immense value to their media monitoring efforts. The need for agility and adaptability is critical in today’s complex business landscape, and Intelligent Insights is the monitoring-analysis platform that communicators have been waiting for to enable real performance and deliver real results—real fast. 

Cara Valle
Cara is a dynamic and results-oriented marketing leader with over 10 years of experience delivering high-performing marketing campaigns. Passionate about the PR and communications space, she is dedicated to delivering value to agency and in-house comms professionals. Cara leverages her expertise in marketing automation and digital marketing to drive demand generation strategies that align with business objectives and deliver tangible results.


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