Jurassic World smashes records: did social media give us clues to its success?

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Social Media

Before investing time and money in a movie, many of us consult Rotten Tomatoes or online reviews–but other ways of measuring mass appeal are emerging.

While MediaMiser’s platform is frequently used to monitor news coverage for companies, once in a while we throw it something a little more lighthearted. This week we tasked it with analyzing the overall sentiment of tweets about Jurassic World.

From June 4 to 15, over 100,000 English-language tweets were collected that mentioned “Jurassic World” (and a group of qualifying words such as “saw”, “seen”, “last night” etc).

A sample of 500 tweets from June 15 were pulled and auto-toned (with human training) to determine negative, positive and neutral sentiments.

Our findings?

Basically, Twitter flipped out.


Of the sample 75 per cent were positive, 22 per cent were neutral and only three percent were negative toward the film—pretty close to Rotten Tomatoes’ score.JurassicWorld

The audience’s greatest qualms? Too many product placements and not enough shirtless Chris Pratt—but that didn’t seem to deter some people from going 2-3 times in opening weekend, according to our sample. Plot was an extraneous detail for many, it seemed, as Twitter gushed about this blast-from-the-past “roller coaster ride.”

And on Monday, the numbers rolled in: Jurassic World broke the box office sound barrier,” netting the biggest opening weekend in history with an unbelievable $511.8 million in ticket sales worldwide—outdoing even Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Media monitoring and analysis software can provide insights into a competitive landscape, product buzz, and general market intelligence—so why can’t social media analytics help determine a film’s entertainment value?

As a moviegoer, how much stock would you put in to social media’s vote?

This is the first in a series of summer movie reviews by MediaMiser, based on Twitter data collected and analyzed with MediaMiser Enterprise and toned using our automated toning engine (with human training). Stay tuned for our next review of Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy.

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