North American Opportunities

Show Host, WJLA, https://bit.ly/3k8TZC2

Local Reporter/Editor New Jersey (WFH), Patch Media, https://bit.ly/2UE6YAW

Retail and Restaurant Reporter, Indianapolis Business Journal, https://bit.ly/3r5Gap3

Features Coordinator, American Trucking Association, https://bit.ly/2TZC5qy

Reporter, Verde Valley Newspapers, https://bit.ly/3k8HUwo

UK Opportunities

Local Democracy Reporter, The Lincolnite, https://bit.ly/36bJLsa

Business & Finance News Journalists, GRV Media, https://bit.ly/36dO1aH

Non-Football Sports Journalists, GRV Media, https://bit.ly/2V0wJLK

Regional Business Editor, North West Business Insider, https://bit.ly/2TBDfs4