News Media (National)

Daily Star Online: Jack Wetherill (@JackWetherill) has been promoted to TV Editor. Carly Hacon (@CarlyRosex) has been promoted to Showbiz Reporter.

Daily Mail: Hannah Betts (@HannahJBetts) has been named Beauty Columnist for the Inspire section. Florence Scordoulis (@DailyMailUK) has been promoted to Assistant Editor for the Inspire section.

I: Hatty Collier (@HattyCollier) has been appointed Breaking News Editor. Zoe Drewett (@zoelouisedrew) has been named Deputy Breaking News Editor. Natasha Salmon (@Tash_Salmon) has been appointed Audience Editor. Kuba Shand-Baptiste (@kubared) has been appointed Assistant Opinion Editor. Thomas Saunders (@tomjs) has been appointed Visual Data Journalist. Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) has been appointed Chief Political Commentator.

News Media (Regional)

MyLondon: Joe Burn (@Journojoeburn) has been named Local Democracy Reporter.

Broadcast Media

Sky News: Megan Byrnes (@megbaynes) has been appointed News Reporter.

Business & Commerce

International Financing Review: Julian Lewis (@greenesg_julian) has been named Senior Reporter.

Consumer Lifestyle

Dezeen: Alice Finney (@finney_alice) has been named Design Reporter.

Drapers: Graeme Moran (@graeme_moran) has been appointed Acting Editor.

Fabulous: Sarah Barns (@sarah_barns) has been named Associate Editor. Kelly Allen (@Kellyallen01) has been named Celebrity Editor.

Gal Dem: Suyin Haynes (@suyinsays) has been named Editor-in-Chief.

Good Homes: Victoria Purcell (@GoodHomesMag) has joined as Digital Content Editor.

Luxe Magazine: Elysia Agnew (@ElysiaJane) has been appointed Head of Content.

Which:? Kate Pasola (@lordpasola) has been named Travel Editor.

Women’s Health: Claudia Canavan (@claudiacanavan) has promoted to Health Editor.