Solutions by Industry

MediaMiser works with large organizations from almost every market vertical and we recognize that every company has specific needs when it comes to publication, broadcast, and social media sources. Our technology and services are highly customizable, and we have an experienced professional services team to ensure we meet your organization’s needs.

Here is a sample of industries in which we offer a high-level of experience in:

Travel & Tourism

We love travel! Whether it takes the form of travel-themed reports, clients working hard in the travel industry or simply one of our staff heading out on an expedition to a far-flung country, the travel industry is always on our minds.

Government & Politics

Being located in Canada’s capital gives MediaMiser a unique perspective on government and political issues, allowing the company to service government clients and run analysis reports on important issues


The energy industry has unique challenges when it comes to its communications, marketing and public relations activities, requiring a sometimes unique approach when it comes to media monitoring and analysis. MediaMiser has years of experience working with clients in this industry and will help your company through reliable, insightful market and media intelligence.


Running a successful retail operation is all about knowing the marketplace, and there’s no better way to start gathering intelligence than by analyzing social and traditional media data. Whether you’re a small boutique business or a large organization selling thousands of widgets each day, we’ve got you covered.


Operating a sports franchise, league or club is demanding, hard work and that’s just behind the scenes. But for sports organizations in the public eye, the real work sometimes begins and ends in the communications and marketing department. MediaMiser helps keep your brand at the top of the standings by keeping you informed of late-breaking developments in real-time.


Being in the entertainment business isn’t all about glamour and glitz, although it does have its fair share of that too! As a media or entertainment company, you need to know how your audience is perceiving your brand, your content, and your sponsors and in real-time. Our software can show you not only who is doing the talking, and when, but also which scenes of your latest production got the most buzz on social media.