December 2022: Automatically track your journalist interactions, fine-tune Monitoring Reports and Briefings, Adapt to Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Automated Media Interaction Tracking Added

Agility’s December deployment has further developed the ability for journalist interactions to be tracked within contact profiles on the Agility database.
Any email distributions sent to a contact from the Agility platform will show up automatically as an interaction on the contact’s  profile, along with the status of the distribution for the contact (Delivered, Opened etc.).​ So, you can save time previously spent logging those interactions yourself, and be sure that you’ll see whatever interacations you and your colleagues have had with each contact.

Apple Mail Privacy Policy 

Earlier this year Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). Agility has introduced a tool to enable you take MPP into account when reporting on email distributions, helping to provide you with confidenced in your data and reporting. A full explanation is available within the Agility Help Center or from the Agility Support Team.

Multiple Enhancements to Monitoring Reporting and Briefings

  • View media contacts associated with your monitoring coverage – An enhancement has been made to enable you to see all media contacts, and their profiles, associated with your media monitoring mentions. Within any chart in monitoring reports, you can drill down on the specific mentions behind any data point. Now, users with targeting as well as monitoring can review the media contacts behind their monitoring results, and add them to targeted lists for future outreach. The same functionality will be expanded to monitoring topics soon.


  • Add Previous Period comparisons to your Reporting charts.
  • Position events more accurately alongside your media coverage reporting by adding time settings to your PR events.

  • Focus only on the content you need to see by filtering Twitter mentions by Tweets, Retweets, Quote Tweets and Replies. 
  • Customize your Monitoring Briefings with these additional options:
    • Improved ability to filter by AVE and Impressions
    • Automatically organize your content blocks and sort mentions
    • Adopt more settings for your customized briefing templates



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