February: Measuring Prominence within Media Monitoring

Agility’s Unique Ability to Display Prominence

Agility now gives you the power to measure and report on the quality of your coverage, by generating a prominence rating for each saved media mention.

Prominence is derived by Agility from the positioning of your keywords within articles, the media type, and the frequency of keyword mentions.  This enriched data provides you with media insights that can be used in your monitoring reporting and analytics. For example, you will easily be able to display what percentage of your coverage rates highly for prominence, keyword by keyword. You can also filter by prominence, allowing you to focus on content with highly prominent mentions of your keywords.

As well as enabling you to review each mention for prominence, and isolate batches of coverage according to prominence, we have added two new prominence measurement charts to Agility reporting, Coverage Prominence Trend and Coverage Prominence Overview.


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SEO improvements to Agility Newsroom

The Agility Newsroom is one of several ways we help our clients amplify their content by providing a permanent place to post press releases and news content. Agility clients post hundreds of news releases and company updates every week on the Agility Newsroom that are of interest to the media, industry specialists and influencers. This month we have enhanced the meta keyword tags and descriptions, and added a sitemap to help web crawlers reach content on the Newsroom.

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Agility PR Solutions Snapshot

Agility’s Snapshot Tool is now available in the Google Chrome Web Store. The tool can be used as a Chrome extenstion, and allows you to bring content from any website or online article into your Agility account very easily. For support and information please contact Agility Support.


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