January: Several enhancements to media search options, email distribution and monitoring

In our first deployment this year, Agility has introduced enhancements to our media profiles, search options, influencer list building and email distribution.

We have also updated our monitoring options and introduced two new charts to our Google Analytics integration.Empty heading

Outlet Affiliate Titles

Agility now displays associated and affiliate titles within any media outlet profile. This enables you to begin with any title and easily identify bureaus and sections associated with that title, which may be a better fit for your media targeting. For example, The New York Times profile displays 40 affiliate outlets and sections.


Search and Sort by Audience Reach

Agility’s media targeting search refinements have been upgraded to include the ability to search by audience reach. You can specify the type of audience, depending on the media type you are targeting, with the options covering unique visitors, listeners, viewers, circulations and followers. You can also sort targeting results by audience reach and type once you have run your search.


Influencer Targeting and Email Distribution Enhancements

Agility recently deployed the ability to view all media contacts in an Influencer Stream, use Agility to review the contacts, and add them to lists and your media outreach. This month we improved this feature, so as you scroll down the Influencer Stream results, more media contacts will show up for you to review.


View email in browser

There is now the option to include an invitation to “View in Browser” in Agility’s email distribution tool. The “View in Browser” link points to the web-hosted version of your email, which is kept on our servers. This helps recipients who either can’t view HTML emails, or have image downloading switched off,  to view the full version of your email.


Account Statistics

Within an account’s Distribution Dashboard for emails, users can now review account statistics for any time period. Each statistic is explained with information points, and if any component hits a certain threshold, tips on how to improve your email success rates are shown.

New Google Analytics Charts

As an Agility Monitoring customer, you can integrate Google Analytics with your PR measurement data in Agility Reporting, to help you see when your media coverage drives visitors to your website. This month we added two further charts, Top Referral Sources and Top Social Referrers, for you to include in your reports.

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