November – Agility Monitoring: Integrate Google Analytics with Agility Reporting

As an Agility Monitoring customer, you can now integrate Google Analytics with your PR measurement data in Agility Reporting, to help you see when your media coverage drives visitors to your website.

You can display the impact of media coverage and PR events on website traffic, and show referral trends, helping you to prove the impact of PR, learn from impact coverage, and dig into sources of traffic.

Proving PR Impact – Did a spike in media coverage or a PR event coincide with a lift in web traffic?

Learn from High Impact Coverage – Click through to see which mentions, outlets, and journalists contributed to a spike

All of the available charts can be included in an interactive shareable report, in the same way as any other shareable reports.

Agility users can read this Help Center article to get started, or contact your 24-hour Agility Support team.

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