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In the “Search for” dropdown menu, select if you want to search for People, Outlets, Keyword, A Specific Person, or A Specific Outlet. Then:

  • in the “who write about” field, enter the subject(s) you want the person(s) or outlet(s) to cover; click “Browse All” to see all subjects; or click “View Related Subjects”
  • in the “and are located in” field, enter the city, state, county, postal code, etc. where the person(s) or outlet(s) should be located, or click “Browse All”
  • in the “and have a job role of” field, enter the job role the person should have, or click “Browse All”
  • check the “include blog outlets” box to include blogs in your results

A search receipt will build for you in a blue box at the top. To remove selections, click the “X” next to any item in the search fields below.

search for people

The “Browse All” and “View Related Subjects” functionality uses a thesaurus to map commonly used keywords and subjects. When you type a keyword for a subject that does not exist in our system, Agility determines related subjects based on the thesaurus mapping, and it also provides matches of our database subjects that contain the search keyword.

After you click “View Related Subjects”, a window opens up where you can select subjects from the column at the left, Add or Remove, and when finished, click the green “Apply Selected Subjects” button at the bottom.

browse available subjects

What can I do with my search results?

When done, you have a few options:

  • to view your results instead, click the green “View Results” button
  • or, to reset and start over, click the “Reset” button

If you want to save your results as a list, click the green “Actions” drop-down menu, then click “Save Selected as a List”.

save selected lists

It’s important to note that you can create and save an unlimited number of targeting lists; however, creating more than 100 lists can have a performance impact when loading them.

You can also decide at this time to “Save the Targeting Search Criteria” without saving as an actual list.  This will preserve your search settings for future use.

Learn how to manage your targeted lists.

When a contact on one of my targeting lists changes jobs / roles / location / outlet / beat, will my list automatically be updated to reflect the change?

No. Contacts you add to your lists will stay on your lists unless you specifically choose to remove them, or our media research team discovers that the contact is no longer “active”.

If I create an Agility media contact list based on specific search criteria, example: “people who write about technology in Dallas, Texas” and Agility’s media researchers learn about new contacts that fit these parameters, will they automatically be added to my list?

Not at this time, however you can always save the search criteria (which does automatically update) and use that to rebuild a new version of the list in the future.

Is it possible for me to create an Agility targeted list that doesn’t ever change, no matter what updates are made to your global media database?

Yes. If you’d like to create a “static list,” where all fields are frozen at the time of creation, you can download your list in .csv (Excel) format and save it to wherever you keep your documents (i.e., your hard drive or a cloud-based storage option like DropBox or Google Drive). Once the list has been exported from Agility as a downloaded copy, it will not be updated in any way.

How do I locate existing saved searches and lists?

All existing saved searches and targeting lists can be found under Manage in the top navigation bar. Simply click Targeted Lists under Manage to access.

Requesting Updates to our Media Research Team

It is easy to submit private data or request updates to contacts and outlets. Agility provides a streamlined form for users to request updates and includes a comments field so that users can pinpoint exactly what change(s) need review. The request update form can be accessed from any contact/outlet profile, the quick search toolbar, and under “Suggest a Media Contact” within the “Contact Us” link on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Use the “eye” icon to lock data and keep fields private.
  • Designate fields as primary contact information moving forward
  • Add comments for the research team to describe any needed changes
  • Private Notes field will add an “activity” view-able only to your account

update contact screenshot


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