Monitoring Overview

Date & Time: Thursday from 12pm–1pm EST


Learn how to put Agility’s monitoring capabilities to work for you in this live one hour training session. See how you can use all the tools at your fingertips to create, organize and manage your monitoring efforts – seamlessly and efficiently.

On this call with one of our Agility Support Representatives, you will learn to:

  • Monitor online, social, broadcast and/or traditional media sources for mentions of your brands, products and people
  • Schedule email alerts for important topics
  • Build custom clip books
  • Engage with key influencers right from your desktop
  • Produce eye-catching reports you can share with your colleagues.

For your session

At the appointed date and time:

  • Join the session by clicking on the meeting link: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/542434653.
  • For first time attendees, a small software download may be required.
  • Next, please dial into the session using (646) 749-3129 and use the access code: 542-434-653.

While you may be prompted to choose an audio option, we recommend dialing into these sessions. You can also use computer speakers/ webcam mic if you choose. Keep in mind we may have to mute users who choose this option if feedback disturbs the session.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you test your browser and network connections for compatibility prior to the conference. To do so go to: http://help.citrix.com/meeting/get-ready.

Register now

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