Targeting Overview

Date & Time: Tuesday 12pm–1pm EST


With Agility’s powerful and easy-to-use Targeting features, you can create media outlet and contact lists with just a few clicks of your mouse, in practically no time at all. But that’s just the beginning!

Join our one-hour “Agility: Targeting” training overview to get an in-depth look at how to:

  • Effectively research individual media outlets and/or contacts
  • Create targeting lists that reach your desired audiences
  • Identify additional key audiences using our intuitive and intelligent search features

For your session

At the appointed date and time:

  • Join the session by clicking on the meeting link: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/621979293.
  • For first time attendees, a small software download may be required.
  • Next, please dial into the session using (646) 749-3129 and use the access code: 621-979-293.

While you may be prompted to choose an audio option, we recommend dialing into these sessions. You can also use computer speakers/ webcam mic if you choose. Keep in mind we may have to mute users who choose this option if feedback disturbs the session.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you test your browser and network connections for compatibility prior to the conference. To do so go to: http://help.citrix.com/meeting/get-ready.

Register now

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