The year is speeding by (Q1 over already??) and with spring in the air, Bulldog Reporter content remains on the fast track, with another great month of original and submitted posts. Our top posts in March tackled some interesting PR topics, such as how to break the news to your client that they aren’t as interesting as they think they are, how to thrive in PR as an introvert, the potential collapse of internal comms in U.S. businesses, and the leading universities for PR degrees.

Other top-ranking posts explored more tactical topics like building your PR strategy with content marketing, leveraging graphics to boost your strategy, using search data to build you annual PR plan, leveraging social media for PR, and some out-of-the-box PR tips for 2022. In case you missed a few of these, we’ve gather them here for you. Happy Spring!

Top 10 Bulldog Reporter posts in March

11 ways you can use content marketing as a foundation for your PR strategy

Content marketing can help you attract attention from the media, build relationships with key influencers, and more. Here are 11 ways to use content marketing to bolster your PR efforts.

How to tell your client they are not as interesting as they think they are, without getting fired

Most clients have outsized expectations because they all think they are more interesting than they really are. PR is the last man standing of the martech world to enable us to be more performative.

Internal comms collapse? A third of U.S. workforce missed by traditional company communications

Traditional internal communications efforts are missing the mark for too many employees—34 percent of employed people say internal comms have little to no impact on how they think about their employer’s reputation.

Develop your voice, develop your confidence—how introverts can thrive in PR professions

If you’re an introvert getting started in a PR career, it can feel impossible to strike a productive balance between your personality and the communicative nature of your work—but you certainly can.

Why disinformation is one of the biggest problems in society—and may prolong the pandemic

Nearly three-quarters of Americans on both sides of the political aisle believe disinformation will prolong the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the 3rd annual Institute for Public Relations Disinformation in Society Report.

The top 10 universities with public relations degrees

There are plenty of great universities that offer public relations degrees in every part of the U.S. but you need one that fits your interests and career goals. Here are the top 10 schools for PR.

5 ways you can leverage graphics to boost your PR strategy

If PR is all about building relationships and boosting brand credibility, then graphic designs are one of the most convincing means to achieving this goal. Here are 5 ways graphics can upscale your strategy. 

5 ways to leverage social media for PR

Social media and PR go hand in hand. PR has evolved to be bigger than traditional press releases, newspapers, television and radio, magazines, etc. Here’s how social media plays an important role in PR.

3 ways to use search data to build your annual PR plan

The start of the year marks the annual planning season for many organizations. Here are 3 ways to leverage search data to help maximize the impact of the coverage you earn and the content you create.

5 out-of-the-box tips PR professionals can implement in 2022

Keeping up with the pace of change is vital for PR professionals to stay on top of current trends and best practices. Here are tips for putting your PR team at the top of its game in 2022.