5 ways you can leverage graphics to boost your PR strategy

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Analysis, Public Relations

Visual content is king in the digital marketing landscape. And 65 percent of the marketers who are learning visual surveys confirm the importance of visual content in a marketing strategy. When you incorporate graphics to your PR strategy, you can achieve spectacular results!

Why are graphics so effective, you may ask? Because they are visually attractive, trigger curiosity, and help people to assimilate information faster. Marketers rated graphics as the most useful type of visuals to help them to reach their marketing goals.

If PR is all about building a trustworthy relationship and boosting brand credibility, then graphic designs are one of the most convincing means to achieving this goal.

Still need some convincing? Read on to learn 5 ways graphic designs can upscale your PR strategy with ease.

How graphics can make your PR strategy more effective

Like all other marketing strategies, your PR strategies need to be constantly upgraded. PR automation, predictive analytics for PR, the adoption of AI, and much more technological advancement are available for PR professionals to adopt.

One of the easiest and highly effective ways to elevate your PR strategy is the effective use of graphics. Here’s how it can make a difference:

1. It helps establish strong brand reputation

Graphics can be an effective means to communicate your brand message to your clients and customers.

Optimizing charts, illustrations, infographics, and other types of graphics as part of your PR strategy will clearly display your brand values. It can also showcase your growth story, case studies, and many other aspects of your business you’d like to show off!

Graphic design can be harnessed by a small business to cement its brand’s reputation in the hearts of its audience.

Where can you use such graphics?

Simple: everywhere you’re visible to your target audience. Your website is a great place to start. You can incorporate visuals into your blog, newsletters, and social media posts, too. When audiences see your brand story illustrated through graphics, they can emotionally connect better with your brand.

2. It communicates better than text

Humans are visual learners. That’s why we assimilate a message better in the graphic form rather than by text description.

Let’s say you want to share your brand story and the milestones you’ve achieved. A graphic representation of this information is more impressive and easy to understand than something written in plain text. Such graphics can be used in both B2B marketing strategies and B2C marketing strategies.

How can you leverage this for PR?

PR professionals can use graphics to simplify their brand message and effectively drive home their point. When your content is structured as an image, it goes the extra mile to impress its viewers.

3. It helps repurpose content effectively

As part of your PR strategy, you create a variety of content. That content is created and distributed with the intention of imparting value to the customers, and thus enhancing their loyalty. But once they are effectively used, you are not likely to use those written pieces of content elsewhere in the same form.

Graphics can help you repurpose content effectively. Written content can be transformed into different forms of high-quality graphics which can again be distributed as fresh content.

For example, if you are a coach or a professor who creates online courses using tools like Thinkific, then you can restructure the content into a series of infographics.

By incorporating graphics into PR strategy, you can reach out to your audiences, engage them, and work towards strengthening your reputation as a trustworthy brand.

4. It contributes to a better social media presence

No PR strategy is complete without working on a strong social media presence. The latest PR predictions say that this reliance on social media will only intensify in the years to come.

Why, you ask?

Facebook and Instagram, according to social media statistics, are the favorite platforms for Millennials and Gen Zers. No extra marks here for guessing their favorite type of content: it’s images and graphics, of course!

Your target audiences are more likely to see your brand on a social channel than to see it on your website. That’s why it’s imperative that you maintain variety, quality, and consistency in your social media posts.

One option is to create custom graphics by leveraging a poster making tool to give your social accounts a visual twist. Graphics can elevate your content to a whole new level by making it visually more appealing, inviting the users to stop to have a look. An aesthetically rich graphic will stand out among regular text posts to achieve better visibility and engagement.

Using graphics for PR strategy also increases your credibility as a brand, boosting customer loyalty.

5. It can boost sales

The reputation of a brand matters as much to today’s buyers as the quality of the product. Clear and well-thought-out graphics trigger positive emotions in users.

By means of powerful images, you can not only communicate your brand message with heightened clarity, but also influence users to go ahead with a buying decision. Incorporating high-quality graphics into your website can help optimize your conversion rate.

Remember to keep your graphics clean, simple, and easy to understand. Such graphics go a long way in creating the right brand impressions. When you win over new customers with your branded graphics, contributing to your sales isn’t the only advantage! Those customers will also be more likely to recommend your products or services to their connections.

Here is an example, if you work in finance using accounting software and want to turn previously shared numerical data into a more attractive visual format, graphics would be the perfect solution.

Ready to reap the benefits of graphics for PR strategy?

By now, chances are that you’re convinced that graphics are imperative for PR strategy. Think out of the box to create highly impressive graphics if you want to grab the attention of your audience. Once you begin, simply be consistent.

Over to you, now. Time to elevate your PR strategy to a whole new level with engaging graphics!

Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma is the founder and CEO of Attrock, a results-driven digital marketing company. Grew an agency from 5-figure to 7-figure revenue in just two years | 10X leads | 2.8X conversions | 300K organic monthly traffic. He also contributes to top publications like HuffPost, Adweek, Business 2 Community, TechCrunch, and more.


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