In March of last year, we launched Agility Blog to bring you even more insights and learnings about PR and the technology solutions that help support this vibrant and dynamic industry. From media monitoring to pitching broadcast to writing a press release, here are the top 10 Agility Blog posts from 2022.

10 great female communicators you should know

Being able to communicate ideas clearly and concisely in a way that your audience will respond to is key. What form that takes or what medium you use—comedic video sketches, poetry without capitalization, or an afternoon talk show—should not matter so long as you are able to achieve your goal, whether that be to touch emotions, spur action, or shift how people think. We created a list of 10 great female communicators representing countries, brands, ideas, and organizations, who have inspired, enlightened, and educated us with their words.

How to pitch broadcast media: Secrets from a former TV journalist

Celena Fine’s webinar, How to Pitch Broadcast Media: Secrets from a Former TV Journalist, is the gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t have an hour to spare to watch the entire thing, you’re in luck—we’ve assembled some of the highlights for you in this webinar recap, including how to create an effective pitch, who you should be pitching and who you shouldn’t, and when to pitch. 

PR Profiles, Episode 14: A Conversation with Lindsey Groepper, President of BLASTmedia

Lindsey Groepper joined us last August to share her insights on how to position PR as an essential tool for achieving business goals, why PR budget cuts hurt brand perception, and how your brand’s narrative in the media should be influenced by more than just press releases.  

PR Profiles, Episode 12: A Conversation with Tony DeFazio, Founder of Sustainable PR

Tony DeFazio joined us last June to discuss how he used both media relations and a “boots on the ground” approach to successfully campaign for his client, Cipriani Energy Group and their community solar project in Guilderland, New York.

8 ways to develop strategic thinking skills as a PR pro

As crucial as they are to any professional, strategic thinking skills are often the first to be sacrificed in a time crunch—a common plight for fast-paced communications professionals. However, the development of such skills can be key to improving your overall professional performance and success. Guest contributor Nat Caesar shared eight steps you can take to develop your strategic thinking skills for better success in the PR industry.

PR Profiles, Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Dr. Felicia Blow, APR, 2022 PRSA Chair 

Dr. Felicia Blow joined us last year for a very special episode of PR Profiles celebrating the PRSA’s 75th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, PRSA published a limited-edition volume called, “75 Years of Impact and Influence: People, Places & Moments in Public Relations History.” In this episode, Felicia shared the idea and process behind the book and the impact the hidden figures of PR have had on the industry.  

PR Profiles, Episode 15: A Conversation with Bradley Akubuiro, Partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive

“Communicators who are going to be most successful in the future are the ones who figure out how to be the Chief Impact Officer, not just the Chief Communications Officer,” said Bradley Akubuiro when he joined us last September for PR Profiles. Bradley also shared his thoughts on professional credibility and living out company values with host Richard Carufel.

New to newswires? Here’s how to write an attention-grabbing news release

In this blog, Andrew Woodall, Director of Global Support at Agility PR Solutions, shared his recommendations for writing an attention-grabbing and relevant news release. Andrew covered everything from composing your headline to optimal release length to who you should quote.

PR Profiles, Episode 10: A Conversation with Justin Goldstein, Founder and President of Press Record Communications

Last April, we chatted with Justin Goldstein, a PRSA-New York’s 2019 “Exceptionals Under 35” and founder of Press Record Communications. In this PR Profiles episode, Justin shared the five common mistakes comms pros make and his five easy solutions that can help tighten up client-facing and outbound comms.

5 important KPIs for PR

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurable indicators of progress that show if you are achieving set objectives. We looked at five important KPIs for PR, as well as the four steps to follow to build a successful measurement program.

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