We think the Agility team is made up of some pretty impressive people! Our international crew is proud to boast hard workers with inquisitive minds, who are on a mission to improve PR practices through data and technology. We are creative and curious, work hard and play hard, love a challenge, and strive to do more with less. 

You deserve the chance to get to know our inner circle! This is the third post in a blog series designed to give you an insider’s view into Agility, so that we can introduce you to the people behind the platform. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you meet the rest of the brilliant minds at Agility! 

Without further ado, meet Evan Webb!

How long have you been at Agility?

I’ve been here for just over a year.

What is your role and what team are you on at Agility?

I’m the team lead for the Media Insights Group (MIG). Our team puts together custom media reports for our clients. We work with clients who want media analysis, as well as traditional and social insights. We are trained to use the Agility platform at a high level and analyze things further than what some of our clients may be able to do alone. We create comprehensive reports for clients that go outside of just numbers, but provide deep insights as well.

In my role as team lead, I make sure that the team has everything they need to get the job done. Depending on the day, this could mean providing resources, managing the number of tasks that they have, answering questions, and a variety of other things that come up.

What is your favorite thing about working at Agility?

I like that Agility is a company that cares for its employees and ensures that they are aware of it. There are so many workplaces where people don’t enjoy working because they feel unappreciated or overworked. I’ve never felt that here. I feel like my work is always appreciated. I’m being pushed in a good way to achieve my potential as opposed to being pushed beyond my capacity. The interactions between employees and higher levels of management are always positive. So, I’ve been really into the environment here.

My comfort with Agility could also be because I am working with my strengths. A lot of our job is collecting data, analyzing data, and making meaning of the data. I am working in my comfort zone; I have a research background at various universities. I worked conducting research in health sciences. When I was presented with this opportunity, I didn’t come in with a ton of knowledge or expertise on the PR industry. I came in more with an analytics background. This job allows me to flex those parts of my brain and that’s what I enjoy doing most.

What does a typical day in the life at Agility look like for you?

I spend a lot of my time tracking the progress of projects to ensure they are moving along according to schedule. I look at all the reports analysts are working on, whether it’s in the Philippines or in Canada, checking in on what stage they are at. I also work on looking to the future as well and putting together industry-related reports—thinking about what we can do on this team to add further value to Agility and provide more value to our clients.

What are some skills that you’ve gained working at Agility?

I’ve become more knowledgeable in PR and the news industry. I understand how it works, who the major players are, and what it is that clients want to achieve.

I’ve gotten a lot better at using a lot of Microsoft Suite software. It was something that wasn’t necessary when I was doing research, but when I came to Agility I really mastered using PowerPoint and Excel. In MIG, there’s a lot we can do in those programs, from putting together aesthetically pleasing reports to using Excel to analyze mass amounts of data.

Another thing being in the role of the team lead has given me is the ability to manage people. I’ve never been a manager before, so this has been a learning experience for me to oversee a group of people.

What is your favorite digital tool to use at work?

I’d like to shout out Jeremy Parkin on our team, who created some great programming using Python language. We use this tool to remove duplicates in our system, add authors to pieces that are missing them, translate articles, and a whole bunch of other very helpful activities that allow us to streamline our data cleaning process to get a better look and deliver better insights.

What is your favorite work snack or beverage?

I like chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies—people will see me eating them on camera. For my beverage, coffee—three cups of coffee a day, maybe four if I need it.

What is your favorite after work or weekend activity?

Something I always devote myself to doing is working out. I’ve got lifting days, cardio days. Instead of a gym, I do it at home. I’m from the Niagara region, we have a lot of places to walk on paths, go to waterfalls, and be in nature. I also play video games to unwind.

What is the best part of your day?

Interacting with my team members is the best part of my day. I always wanted to become a teacher in a higher education setting, but when we took on new employees last spring, it was an opportunity for me to step into the role of an instructor, which I really enjoyed. Being a part of the professional development of others is always a good part of my day.