We think the Agility team is made up of some pretty impressive people! Our international crew is proud to boast hard workers with inquisitive minds, who are on a mission to improve PR practices through data and technology.

We think you deserve the chance to get to know our inner circle! Agilitarian talent is made up of marketing gurus, data masters, sales experts, customer and employee support heroes, engineering wizards, and researchers extraordinaire. We are creative and curious, work hard and play hard, love a challenge, and strive to do more with less. This is the first post in a blog series designed to give you an insider’s view into Agility and to introduce you to the people behind the PR platform. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you meet the rest of the brilliant minds at Agility! 

Without further ado, meet James Green!

James, his wife, and their dog Chester

How long have you been at Agility?

Going on five years! 

What is your role and what team are you part of at Agility?

I am a Global Client Success Team Manager on the Product Support Team. I lead a team of dedicated Client Success Specialists (CSS) and Client Success Managers (CSM) that work to onboard and retain our midmarket clients. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at Agility?

My favorite trait of the company is the culture, more specifically what I interpret to be a relatively flat hierarchy. Despite being largely remote-based nowadays, people in upper management are very accessible, and company objectives and results are communicated well. I think Agility strikes a good balance in terms of its size as well. I have worked for small startups with a dozen employees and multinational conglomerates with over 40,000 employees. At Agility, I feel my job is secure and that I have the resources necessary to achieve my objectives, but the company isn’t so big I feel like ‘just a number’. 

What’s a “typical” day in the life at Agility look like for you?

First thing in the morning I respond to emails and any Slack messages that came in the night before or during the UK business day. Following that, I usually have a meeting or two to join with colleagues in the UK. After that comes lunch, and after that my day usually consists of meetings with Canada and US-based colleagues, client interactions, and any ongoing projects such as maintaining the Help Center or creating onboarding materials for new employees and/or new clients. 

Do you have any advice for new employees starting at Agility?

In my time at Agility, I have seen the evolution of many departments and teams. Opportunities for new roles and advancement arise as the business requires, but I find it is sometimes difficult to predict what exactly those new roles will be. I think new employees—and existing employees for that matter—would be smart to learn as much as they can about our industry, learn new skills that maximize their performance in their existing role, help and work with departments other than their own, and apply as many of their skills and talents as possible in their current role. My belief is this will put an employee in the best position to qualify for advancements when opportunities present themselves. 

What are some skills you’ve gained working at Agility?

Since joining Agility, I have learned a lot about public relations, I feel I have improved as a people manager, and I have learned how to manage a remote team. 

What’s your favorite digital tool to use at work?

Zoom would probably be first as I love to see the people I work with. Even if we’re not face-to-face in person, we can be face-to-face virtually. Slack is a close second, once again because of the ease of communication with those on my team, as well as those in other departments. 

What’s your favorite work snack or beverage? 

It’s probably a typical answer, but coffee and tea are my go-to. Flavored carbonated beverages are a favorite of mine as well. (I’m drinking a peach
Bubly as I write this!)

How do you stay connected with your coworkers while remote?

I have weekly one-on-ones with each member of my team, a weekly team meeting, and a weekly session with Jingle, a fellow team leader, as well as Andrew, our Director. I also have a Slack channel for my team where we can chat. While there are of course formal business matters to discuss on calls, we ensure some time is dedicated to informal conversation so we may get to know each other on a personal level. Working from home, we have lost the chats that used to take place in the kitchen or when walking by a colleague’s desk. I think time set aside for those informal chats is important to build a strong and enjoyable working relationship. 

What’s your favorite after-work or weekend activity?

Most weekends I try to get out and spend a day hiking with my wife and our dog, Chester. The Laurentians in Quebec and the Adirondacks in upstate New York are our favorite day trips to make on weekends. 

What’s the best part of your day?

Any time I can connect with a coworker and just talk about our lives is always a highlight. In our weekly team meetings, we always discuss weekend plans, and it’s always great to hear what everyone is up to!