Bulldog is ending the year in style, with record-setting traffic numbers last month that account for our biggest month in 2022 (so far). Not unsurprisingly, some of our biggest posts in November were trend-forecasting pieces for the year ahead, including predictions for the industry in 2023, and the top social media skills you will need to master for the new year.

Other timely posts addressed the shakeup at Twitter as it enters its Elon Musk era, including important questions you should ask yourself if your brand is considering leaving the platform, as well as how to direct your social media content strategy moving forward. And of course, the holidays made the Top 10, with a festive post about the Christmas ad campaigns PR pros should be watching this year.

Finally, it was our more evergreen PR strategy-focused posts that carried the day, tackling topics like the most important elements of storytelling driving media relations, tips for creating a social media crisis plan, the biggest mistakes PR makes when developing thought leadership campaigns, and how “vampire” words can suck the life out of good business writing. In case you missed a few of these, here they are in a handy bundle. Thanks to our readers for all of your support, and happy holidays to all!

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4 important elements of storytelling vital for media relations

It’s no secret that PR is a great way to spread the word about your brand, but companies too often use PR to push their products, instead of their story. Here’s how to incorporate storytelling into your PR efforts.

PR in 2023: 4 predictions for the year ahead

New approaches are blossoming in the PR industry—conventional PR wisdom is being called into question, and PR pros are thinking more outside the box. Here are four key trends to watch in the coming year.

How small PR tech companies are competing with the big brands

Small PR tech companies haven’t presented much competition to the PR heavyweights, but that iron grip is loosening. How are these companies positioning themselves—and what does it mean for the future of PR?

Should you leave Twitter? 5 questions social change organizations should consider

Since the ownership of Twitter changed, there have been daily announcements of policy and staffing changes making users consider whether to stay or leave. Here are 5 questions brands should consider.

8 social media skills you should master in 2023

Over the next few years, social media is only going to become more important. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are some of the most important skills that you should focus on in 2023.

What the precarious state of Twitter means for your brand’s content strategy

As Twitter has been taken over by Elon Musk, many brands and advertisers are left scratching their heads about what to do with organic and paid social content strategies. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Christmas ad campaigns PR pros should watch out for in 2022

If you want your brand’s sales to skyrocket during the holiday season, it’s time to start crafting an impressive festive campaign. Here’s a look at some of the brand giants pioneering the Christmas ad scene in 2022.

How to create a social media crisis management plan

Social media crises can strike at any time. Here we explore social media crisis management tips and their benefits—and show you how to build a winning social media crisis management plan. 

Top 10 biggest mistakes when building thought leadership campaigns

When you are taking your PR content up a level by infusing it with strong opinions and insights, a lot can go wrong. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when building thought leadership campaigns.

How vampire words suck the life out of your business writing

Business writing is full of vampire words that fasten themselves onto perfectly good sentences, suck them dry and leave them limp and bloodless on the page. Here’s what they are—and how to avoid them.