Bynder appoints Red Lorry Yellow Lorry as its Global PR Agency of Record

by | Jun 4, 2020

Bynder, a global leader in digital asset management technology (DAM), has appointed Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, a B2B technology PR and integrated marketing agency, as its global PR agency of record. The lorries will implement a media and influencer relations campaign, as well as organic social media initiatives, to increase awareness of the Bynder brand across the U.S., U.K. and France in 2020, planning to add Germany in 2021. The lorries will also support Bynder in the Netherlands through the agency’s Convoy network partner MCS PR for region-specific campaigns.

The global PR program will be run out of the lorries’ Boston, U.K. and Berlin offices, headed by the team in Boston. The program will focus on raising awareness of Bynder’s market-leading solutions among creative and marketing professionals, positioning the company as the natural choice to bring creative assets to market quickly and facilitate easier team collaboration. The lorries will use their experience and relationships in the B2B technology media to drive media interest in news, events, and customer and partner stories, as well as highlight executive thought leadership in the marketing and martech space. Along with media and influencer relations, the lorries will use their digital expertise to lead Bynder’s organic social media efforts.

“The lorries’ established martech practice and experience in the B2B technology sector drew us to them initially; but, what made the decision easy was seeing how they bring creativity to all parts of a campaign,” said Andrew Hally, CMO of Bynder. “With this campaign, we’re confident in the lorries’ ability to promote how Bynder’s solutions help companies maximize the impact of their marketing assets in new and unique ways. The lorries’ integrated, dynamic approach to PR and marketing will breathe new life into Bynder’s story.”

“Bynder is well-positioned to help marketers make the most out of their digital assets and collaborate on them more easily, which is particularly important during this current period of uncertainty around the future of remote work,” said Meredith L. Eaton, director of North America, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. “As the leader in digital asset management solutions, Bynder’s reputation is unmatched, making them the perfect addition to our martech practice, which strives to improve creative workflow across the industry.”

With the addition of Bynder, the lorries’ martech practice continues to grow, with existing clients including Seismic and Never.no.

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