Classical Streaming Service Primephonic Hires Diffusion as AOR to Amplify Awareness, Grow User Base

by | May 9, 2019

Primephonic, a streaming platform bringing classic music into the digital age, has selected Diffusion as its public relations agency of record. Diffusion is tasked with growing Primephonic’s brand visibility and user base through a multi-faceted public relations program built on thought leadership, media and influencer reviews and product feature announcements. The campaign will establish Primephonic as the premiere classical music streaming platform and a champion of the genre, providing fans with an optimal listening experience and artists with a fair payout model that supports the complexity of the genre.

Diffusion’s campaign aims to spotlight and elevate Primephonic’s platform and its unique positioning in the streaming music market amongst mainstream consumer, technology and business media verticals. A core program underwriting the campaign is built on media reviews, designed to demonstrate how the streaming platform caters to classical music’s unique intricacies, as well as the brand mission and story. In addition to ongoing targeted media reviews, the public relations campaign will include data-forward reports, backed with original insight, breaking down the hidden relevance classical music commands in modern society.

Based in Amsterdam and NYC, Primephonic aims to reinvent the classical music experience and reignite global interest in the genre. Through curated content, high quality recordings and a unique search functionality with targeted recommendations, Primephonic offers listeners the benefits and convenience of traditional streaming services for a genre that has been ignored by the wider industry’s “one-platform-fits-all-genres” approach. Primephonic’s distinct pay-per-second business model better serves classical artists, offering more fair compensation per listener streaming time.

Thomas Steffens, CEO, Primephonic, commented: “As it stands, traditional streaming platforms fail to offer a satisfying listening experience for classical fans given the complexity and intricacies of the genre. We wanted to create a place where the classical community could not only connect, but enjoy the music they love the way it was meant to be enjoyed. From the start, Diffusion demonstrated a complete commitment to our brand story, and their experience with other consumer tech disruptors confirmed for us that they are the right partner to translate our story in a way that will resonate.”

Kate Ryan, Managing Director, Diffusion, commented: “Streaming platforms are the new standard for how we access music, but unfortunately not for all genres. Primephonic recognized that existing streaming models just weren’t compatible with all the elements that make classical music what it is—so they reinvented it. We love working with brands who are willing to tear apart the traditional to solve problems and serve the overlooked. Our campaign is designed to highlight Primephonic’s contemporary approach to an established genre and help new audiences learn about the multitude of factors that make classical music inimitable, in need of its own stage.”

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